Unexpected Ways to Tighten Your Security at Home

Here are just a few unexpected ways to keep your home locked up tight.



Home security is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Some people would like to assume that something bad would never happen in their neighborhood, but the truth of the matter is that tragedy can strike anyone and there’s no sure way to tell who’s going to be a victim next. That’s why people invest thousands of dollars to sophisticated alarm and intruder detection systems that enable them to have complete control over their domicile.

But besides the obvious things like security cameras and alarms, is there anything else you can do to tighten things up as far as home security is concerned? In this day and age, convenient “hacks” are all the rage and people are figuring out how they can leverage simple concepts to complete complex goals. Now I’m not suggesting you go full Home Alone here, but there are a few ways you can make sure that your things remain yours.







Here’s just a few unexpected ways to keep your home locked up tight:


Use A Bar To Block Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors are often not the most secure and since they’re at the back of the house out of view they are a very appealing target for any would-be burglars. However, no matter how many locks, they pick or windows they break to unlock the door, if you put a piece of wood or metal into the path of the sliding door, there’s no way they can get short of breaking down the door and making tons of noise.

Many break-ins are crimes of opportunity because a criminal thinks they’ll be able to make an easy score, as soon as your door starts giving them trouble they’ll probably move on to an easier target or hopefully realize what they’re doing, go home for the night, and carefully think about the life they’ve chosen.



Security Doors

This type of door is typically a metal frame with or without added mesh screening that serves as an extra barrier between the door to your house and the outside world. The benefits of the simple addition of security doors are more multifaceted than simply being another layer of protection. These doors are fastened on tight and are much more resistant to being broken down or having their locks manipulated to open the door without a key.

It’s a known burglar tactic to scope out certain houses before actually breaking in by knocking on the door posing as a cable installer or some other innocuous service provider to get a better look at what’s inside and how secure the home seems. With a security door you’re able to open your first door while still giving no opportunity for any would-be thief to get a good look at what’s inside of your house. On top of that, should someone unknown to you be knocking at your door, you can quickly jump out of the way and know that if they decide to try and forcibly enter your home the police will be well on their way before they even start making a dent in it.

Some of the most effective security tips are also the simplest. Sometimes a more sophisticated answer is required when thieves are using clever tactics, but the vast majority of home break-ins can be avoided or stopped in their tracks with simple tips like these. Don’t overthink it, but make sure your home is secured.







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