Reasons Why You Need to Consider Buying Tankless Water Heater

No household is complete without a good quality water heater, for all seasons.



Are you mulling over your water heater options? Are you still wondering whether or not tankless water heaters are worth it? Wonder no more, then. In the following paragraphs, we’ve packed you with seven highly convincing reasons why you should consider switching from tank to tankless. So, without further ado, here’s our list. Good luck with making a decision!


1- Unlimited Hot Water Supply

One impressive thing about tankless water heaters is their mechanism. See, they don’t store water in any way. Instead, when you use a tap, they convert cold pipe water to hot water and release it for instant use. But, as for tank water heaters, they depend on storing water, taking their time to heat it up and releasing it when you decide to use the water. The drawback here, though, is that once the tank runs out, you need to wait for it to fill up and for the water to heat. That, without a doubt, can be really inconvenient because you’ll never have the liberty to use hot water for as long as you want. There’s always going to be the threat of it running out of your mid-shower.




2- They Don’t Take Up Much Space

As their name suggests, these tankless heaters are, indeed, without tanks which saves up some space. But the question is, how much space do they really save? Well, if you live in a house with 1 to 2 residents, you’re going to need a tank that stores up to 36 gallons of water, that’s if you choose to go with a tank heater. Needless to say, this will eat up quite a bit of space. On the other hand, with a tankless heater, you just buy the heating unit and wait for it to work its magic on the water coming to you directly from the pipes. Don’t forget that these small tankless units are quite good looking, too.


3- Tankless Heaters Have A Long Lifespan

A tank water heater has one major drawback which is the tank. As the tank fills up, it becomes the heater’s job to keep the water in there at a certain temperature until all the water has been used. This means that the tank heater unit always works which definitely leads to over exhaustion and affects their lifespan. In comparison, tankless heaters only work when they’re needed to, other than that, they just shut off. These periods of rest increase the lifespan of a heating unit, not to mention, they also affect how often does it need maintenance, as well as how much electricity it consumes.



4- They Save on Costs

Given their mode of operation that we’ve just discussed above, now you must realize how efficient this appliance is when it comes to electricity usage. Some, however, might argue that the cost of a heater is way too much for the benefits it offers. But, tankless heaters are guaranteed to pay for themselves in the long run. They save you the costs, maintenance fees and of heating up unused water, not to mention, maintaining a set temperature throughout the day. So, while these heaters are expensive, they save up on energy which, in turn, could cut down how much you spend on heating water by over 30%.







5- They’re Extremely Efficient

As we’ve just said, tankless heaters only activate whenever water is being used. Meaning that, unlike tank water heaters, the only energy used up in heating is going to be that which is used by you. Plus, when heating an entire tank, there’s bound to be some energy loss, especially if the heater is constantly working. See, the more time an appliance is left on, the more current resistance builds up in the wires and that results in a lot of energy losses. Simply put, with a tankless heater, every bit of water or electricity you pay for will be fully used up for something beneficial.


6- They Offer Better Water Quality

A drawback of having a tank heater is that you have to constantly clean up the tank. Why? Because at some point, when your tank becomes a little worse for the wear, it will start rusting, and in addition, mineral deposits will have started collecting on the walls. Meaning, any water that goes inside the tank won’t come out as clean, it will carry with it some impurities. Yet, with a tankless heater, there’s no need to worry about cleaning any tanks, or the heating affecting your water quality. In short, you’ll be guaranteed healthier, cleaner water.


7- They Increase Property Value

Imagine wanting to buy a heater, but always having to keep in mind the possibility that you might move, and for that, you’d rather not waste your money. Well, because of their energy and water-saving abilities and their overall relatively expensive cost, experts in the housing market have deemed tankless water heaters one of the items that bring up a house’s value. So, with that being said, there’s really no need to worry about wasting money because even when selling, these heaters will bump your house’s price up a couple of hundreds and maybe more.

After covering all these reasons for why you should invest in a tankless water heater, there’s only one thing left to point your attention to. The reason we say “invest” is because when you pay for the heater, you don’t only pay for the unit, but you also pay for countless additional perks. The main point is, we get that it may be tempting to try and spend as little as possible on a heater, but that’s a fatal mistake. To get the most out of a tankless heater, you need it to last. That’s why you should consider putting a decent sum of cash and buying a high-quality unit. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to have to replace their heater 3 times a year.








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