The Benefits Of 2 Storey Homes Vs. 1 Storey Homes

Two-storey homes offer many benefits over one-storey homes and we offer a few of these benefits.




A home is a haven, a place where you can relax and recharge after a long day at work or being away for a long time. You can be yourself at home, which is why most people dream of having their own homes someday.

However, most people don’t usually think it through when choosing the type of home that they want, whether it’s a one-storey or two-storey home. While single-storey properties may still be the traditional choice for most people, the various benefits of two-storey homes are quickly becoming too tempting to miss. In fact, there are literally hundreds of different home designs for two-storey homes in the country that you can choose from.

Two-storey homes offer many benefits over one-storey homes. Here are a few of them:


1. More Space

If you can look beyond the cost of building a two-storey building and see the comfort and convenience it has to offer, especially in terms of space, you may never desire a one-storey home again. When you opt for a two-storey building, you know that there will be enough space to design and create the home of your dreams.

Unlike when you have a one-storey home, you’ll have the opportunity to make each room larger; that way, you can have a large kitchen (if you’re someone that loves cooking), bathroom, or bedroom if you so wish. This freedom of having enough room to do what you want with your space is a major reason why many people opt for 2 storey homes.


2. Captivating Landscape

The landscape is one of the best features of a home. It helps form the first impression of your visitors and guests when they see your home. The relationship between the house and the landscaping is a unique one, allowing you to explore your creativity and add a personal touch, and having more area to play with is a plus. A one-storey building typically only has enough room for minimal outdoor space and a restricting landscape. Two-storey homes, on the other hand, offer ample room if you’re after a larger outdoor space.

This means that opting for a two-storey home gives you more outdoor space to build interesting landscape structures and design an appealing and envy-inducing garden.


3. Great View

Another advantage of two-storey buildings over a one-storey home is the view that comes with a 2storey home. If you're a lover of adventure and someone who likes to go sightseeing, then opting for a two-storey building will be your best option as you can easily look out from the window of your upstairs bedroom and get a great view of your immediate surroundings. Depending on the location, you may even be lucky to get a good view of the city or town. Just add a balcony, and you have a spot where you can watch the sunrise or sunset.


4. Privacy

One of the reasons you should consider a two-storey building is that it allows you to compartmentalize your space and evenly distribute your things. Another advantage of this is that each family member can have their bedroom and retain their privacy without disrupting the family bond.

You can’t deny this benefit, especially if you have a large family or care for older adults. Most large families living in one-storey homes often complain of the lack of privacy whatsoever due to insufficient space. Opting for a two-storey home is a better solution if you have many people in your household and still want some privacy.



5. Better Investment

A two-storey home also offers a better investment than a single-storey one because it has a higher resale value. A two-story building is likely to deliver higher returns because of additional features like better view and landscaping, more outdoor space, privacy, etc. It’s even better if your two-storey building has features like a balcony and an attic.

Moreover, it’s easier to modify or add to a two-storey building compared to a single one. You can also minimize building costs if you're adding an extension to a double-storey building.


6. Cheaper in the long run

Yes, you read that right! Going for a two-storey building is actually cheaper when you compare the overall cost it will take you to build per square meter. Simply put, if you put an estimate of what it’d cost you to build a one-storey building and you compare it per square meter with what it costs to build a two-storey building; you’d discover that building a one-storey building is more expensive per square meter than that of a two-storey building.



Two-storey buildings offer many benefits, especially if you have a large family, want bigger space, or desire privacy. The design is flexible enough to make modifications or extensions easier and cheaper. More importantly, it’s a good investment for your money!





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