2020's Most Popular Siding Colour Trends You Should Try In Your Home

Consider this list of siding colour trends so you can determine what color to use for your home's sidings.



Installing sidings to your home can bring a lot of benefits. Aside from improving the curb appeal of your property, sidings also function as barriers because it can improve the insulation of your home. Sidings can also prevent snow, rain, and harsh winds from seeping into your home.

Sidings are multifunctional, but you can only enjoy its benefits if you exert efforts in maintaining its condition. If you currently have old or worn-out sidings, consider trying out some of the most popular siding color trends. A fresh coat of paint in your sidings will not only add a pop of color to your property – it can also enhance the lifespan of your sidings, so it functions longer.


Consider this list of siding colour trends so you can determine what color to use for your home's sidings:


1. White

With the number of colors available for your home's siding today, choosing only one can become a struggle. This is especially true if you're a homeowner who doesn't have any background on the exterior design of home decorating.

If you want to use a color that never goes out of style, pick white for your home's sidings. This color has always been popular and works well with any type of home. Regardless if you own an apartment, bungalow or cabin, white-colored sidings will surely do wonders to your home!


2. Dark Grey

Most homeowners want their investments to stand out from the neighborhood without going overboard. If you're one of them, opt to color your sidings in dark grey. This color creates a strong design and modern look without trying too hard. Sidings colored in dark grey also look very chic, especially when paired with edges of stark white or bright yellow.

This color is an excellent option if you're planning to sell your home soon. According to research, cool-toned neutral colors such as dark grey sell more than other colored homes.







3. Light Grey

Aside from dark greys, light grey is also a great option for your home's sidings. This color falls into the cool color spectrum and creates a very modern aesthetic when painted in a home's exteriors.

Unlike darker greys, light greys create a more subtle and gentler effect. This color also showcases a modern style, perfect to be used for a contemporary style home.


4. Autumn Red

Learning a thing or two about color psychology can also help you choose the best color for your home's siding. Through color psychology, you'll learn that different colors can evoke different emotions – and if you want your home's sidings to produce a feeling of nostalgia, pick autumn red.

If you're leaning towards this direction, make sure to pick a shade that mimics brown or ruts and not something that looks like fire. Using the right shade of autumn red will not only improve how your sidings look – this color will also help create a positive mood and ambiance in your property.


5. Coastal Blue

Different shades of blue work well in a home's exterior. These colors have been popular for years, and with the number of homeowners using these colors in their homes, you can expect that the trend will not go away anytime soon.

Coastal blue is a great option for your sidings because this produces a soothing and calming effect. This color also evokes feelings of peace and serenity, especially when viewed with natural lighting.

Coastal blue should be the first on your list for your sidings if your home is located near the ocean.







6. Forest Green

Homes in rural areas are usually painted in green because it resembles the color of nature and the trees around their properties. But even if your home isn't located in rural areas, painting your sidings in forest green is also an excellent option.

Forest green looks good in any type of home and neighborhood, and can effortlessly blend with your home's natural accents. If you have a red front door or black shutter, you should definitely paint your sidings in forest green!



Hire The Pros

Now that you know what are the most popular siding trends this year, it's now time to take your pick. Depending on your preference, you can stick to a color that complements your home's current theme or opt for a color that stands out from your property.

But regardless of your preferred color for your home's sidings, make sure that you're only letting experts do the work. Hire contractors that specialize in repainting your home's sidings to ensure that you'll end up with a color that can meet your expectations.







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