Fix that leaky roof

While doing an annual inspection I noticed that the waterproofing on the roof of the addition was starting to peel and lift. The dry season is the perfect time to make roof repairs.


The waterproofing was originally done about 10 years ago, so it lasted reasonably well. The state that it is in definitely requires urgent attention, so the first thing was to obtain quotations to replace. I managed to get three quotations to do the job, and there was a substantial difference between all three.

The first quotation included replacing all old boards, new bitumen felt and two coats of aluminium oxide with a 5 year guarantee at a cost of R18 000. The second only to replace any damage boards, felt and oxide with a 3 year guarantee at R18 000, and the last was a handyman who only quoted to replace felt and oxide with no guarantee at R15 000. 

The decision was made to go with Visible Improvements ( ), who offered the best price and a 5 year guarantee on the repairs. For me, the 5 year guarantee was the deal closer. If they are prepared to offer an extended guarantee they obviously have faith in their work.

I always recommend that everyone does some Internet research on the companies, and my search revealed compliments and complaints for both of the companies that quoted, although one had considerably more complaints.