Repair paths and driveways with Builders Cold Asphalt

If you have a path or walkway, or even a driveway that needs repair, use Builders Cold Asphalt for a quick and easy fix.

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If you have asphalt paths and walkways, or an asphalt driveway, fixing cracks and potholes is now easy with Builders Cold Asphalt. Until recently, finding the right product to repair an asphalt driveway has been difficult. Asphalt products were not readily available to homeowners and it was necessary to call out a professional asphalt repair company. Now, Builders offer Cold Asphalt in a 25kg bag that allows homeowners to fix up potholes, dips and general repairs to asphalt paths and driveways.



Builders Cold Asphalt is a do-it-yourself alternative to hot asphalt and this permanent repair solution can be applied easily without having to wait for a drying period, making it the perfect fix for paths and driveways that get used everyday.

With the high temperatures we have experienced of late, many homeowners are finding that their driveway has sagged or sunk in particular areas. This can cause problems down the line where sinkage in a driveway can cause problems with water run-off, or damage to motor vehicles if there are potholes. If left unattended to, water pools in sunken areas and potholes and this will eventually seep below and destroy an asphalt driveway. - 351351208399317297/?lp=true



Builders Cold Asphalt cured by evaporation, and while it take about 30 days to fully cure, it is possible to use the area immediately after application. Fixing potholes and sinkage can be a messy process, so make sure to wear appropriate clothing and cover shoes with plastic bags.

You will need a few tools to undertake repairs with cold asphalt, and this will depend on the type of repair work that needs to be done. We have included a couple of informative videos below that offer detailed explanations on what you can do to fix up paths and driveways using cold asphalt.








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