Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Chrisda Snyman submitted these before and after pictures of her kitchen renovation project.




When looking at the photos for the first time, it was hard to believe that this was the same kitchen - such a beautiful transformation.


An amazing kitchen transformation with new DIY cabinets, a trendy kitchen island and mosaic tiles on the walls.

  "We did a new design for the layout of our kitchen" says Chrisda. "All the wood was cut to the sizes we required and then all we had to do was assemble everything," she says. Having the wood and materials cut to size for a new do-it-yourself kitchen makes the job much easier, plus the fact that you can save yourself thousands of Rands by doing it yourself.




Chrisda also installed the mosaic tiles on the walls, painting the walls in a complementary taupe and fitting a new back door.

The few cupboards that was in the original kitchen cost the previous owner almost the same as all the wood we bought for the new cupboards. We did have a few problems, as neither myself or my husband had done something this extensive before, but we managed to overcome them and it feels really good to be able to say “We did it ourselves” when someone comments on the kitchen! I got a lot of inspiration from the Home-Dzine website.

Our next project is an extension to our living room but I’ll leave the building to the professionals. We will just be doing the interior ourselves and I’ve already got a stack wonderful ideas!


Submitted by: Chrisda Snyman