Dramatic guest bathroom makeover

Just to show it can be done, Grant transformed a ho-hum guest loo into a beautiful, modern space in just under two weeks.



I recently redecorated my guest bathroom over the course of a week. I started with a  blank wall (below) and then I got two mirrors cut to size – one was placed above the existing basin and the other underneath the basin to give the impression that the mirror runs the whole length.

I purchased glass tiles (glass fusion brand) from Union Tiles in Strijdom Park combining a selection of super-white, ice-white, brushed stainless steel and shiny stainless steel in a 35 by 35 centimetre mosaic panels.

After a trip to Builders Warehouse to get No More Nails adhesive and super-white tile grout I installed each tile first by applying No More Nails to the back of each mosaic panel to affix to the wall.

I had to cut the sheets of tile at appropriate points to best fit in the area (I did not grind or cut the mosaics themselves, so had to make sure that gaps were kept to a minimum).

After letting the adhesive dry as per the instructions, I applied super-white grout to fill the gaps and then cleaned off the excess with a damp sponge.

Lastly, I had the old solid wooden door replaced by professionals with a new door that has a wooden frame and full glass sheet. I had earlier purchased the glass film from Maizey plastics and cut a sheet out and applied that to the new glass to create an opaque effect (ensuring privacy but allowing light through).

The door was finally finished off with Woodoc 55 (with a ebony colourant added to give that extra depth in colour) and applying 3 coats.

It took a fair amount of preparation work (ordering the opaque film, the glass fusion tiles and prepping the door hangers) but the work itself was concluded over two weekends and an hour each night during the week.

Janice: Well done Grant. It really does look stunning and the new door looks far nicer - letting through a lot more natural light. Have entered your project into the draw for a Bosch, Skil and Dremel power tool hamper.