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Quick Fix: Cover rusted roofing washers

When up on the roof adding new waterproofing, I noticed that the roofing washers on the IBR roof were worn and rusted. Instead of removing and replacing these, here's a quick fix to prevent leaks.


Drips and leaks in IBR roofing can be caused by something as simple as a worn roofing screw. Some have a rubber seal that degrades, and others develop rust. Pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab a roll or two of a.b.e Laykold bitumen tape.

You will also need a Dremel VersaFlame or blow torch for this project. 

Cut the Laykold tape into manageable squares that fit over the top of the roofing screws and washers. 





Apply heat over the surface to bond the bitumen tape to the roof. This quick fix will prevent any drips and leaks via damaged roofing screws in IBR roofs.