Questions to Ask your Architect Before Building your Dream Home

Continue reading to know what questions you should ask your architect before starting with the process of constructing your dream home.


There are things that require a level of seriousness and a decent amount of research beforehand if you want to perform them correctly. One of these -  things looking for an architect to build your dream home. You will want to choose the best architect you can find to build your designs. If you want this process to go as perfectly as possible, continue reading the following guide to know what questions you should ask your architect before starting with the process of construction.

What Are the Costs?

Naturally, you will be operating this project on a budget, so you will have to talk to your architect first about the costs covered in the contract. In Essex, local architects know and respect the balance between cost, quality, and design; so make sure that your architect does the same. After this, you have to talk with the architect about your budget and what you want your dream house to look like. He then will give you an idea of what you can and can’t afford. Finally, make sure to inquire about any additional costs that may not be covered by the contract, like design changes you might want to apply during construction.

Do You Have a Signature Design?

It’s not very far-fetched that your architect, especially if they are well-known, might have a signature design. This is not bad news; it only means that their designs are working for many people. So, you should ask whether they have signature designs and have a look at them. If they don’t align with what you have in mind, discuss your ideas with them and maybe show them pictures of what you want the final output to look like.

What Drawings Should I Be Expecting?

Architects usually will give you drawings according to the construction phase. The initial phase will begin with sketches and schematic designs that are developed according to your vision. The next phase will involve more well-developed drawings that incorporate plumbing, electrical systems, and heating systems into the designs. After that, the construction drawings will be more elaborate for the benefit of builders and contractors. These will include all floor plans and elevations. However, some architects might charge you for more detailed construction drawings that display system layouts, extra features, and interior elevations.

Which Builder Will You Choose?

Some architects might favor builders due to long years of working with them. They could be familiar with how these builders work and have already achieved many successful projects together. This should be comforting, so make sure to talk with that builder and know their insights about your plans as well. They can provide you with structural details before starting with the project, so you will be more able to envision what the designs will look like before construction starts at your house. Also, asking for recommendations wouldn’t hurt.

While it’s important to choose the right architect, you should also prioritize your requirements, budgetary considerations, and the execution of the designs that you want. So, it’s best that you inquire about all the details of the process that might come up later to avoid disappointments. Your dream house, after all, is going to last for several lifetimes, so make sure that you’re dealing with it with your full attention.



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