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Avoid the headache that comes with planning your Building or Renovation Project

The average person isnt aware of all the pitfalls that forms part of every building project. Here’s what you need to know...


One of the greatest obstacles faced when it comes to any building or renovation project is simply calculating the total cost of the job accurately and succeeding in sticking to this forecast. Determining a budget is no small feat and entails countless phone calls to suppliers and service providers to get quotes and pricing for every single item you will require.

It goes without saying that we often neglect to think of all the finer details, and taking into account every single item used to create a fully functional home is nearly impossible. In fact, research shows that nearly 60% of the information required to calculate costs for a project is not even on the drawings or plans, resulting in home building projects going over budget by at least 15%. This may seem insignificant on a smaller scale, but in the bigger scheme of things this translates into the Building Industry loosing about R6 billion anually! Hair raising stuff right?



There’s no rocket science in figuring out that any successful Building project requires careful planning and that there are certain protocols to follow. The truth is that there are a phletora of contractural documents that need to be submitted to the relevant authorities before your project can commence in addition to many building specifications that need to be strictly adhered to. Sounds like a real headache. Suddenly that kitchen rennovation project you wanted to embark on with so much enthusiasm doesn't sound like much ‘D.I.Y’ fun right?





The good news is that Buildaid identified these issues that complicate the way to prosperous building and have perfected the solution! The Building and Pricing Guide is an annual publication that Buildaid has been delivering to the industry year after year based on popular demand. Praised by many building professionals as being the most useful tool in the building industry, The Building & Pricing Guide is an one-of-a-kind resource which adresses all the difficulties we face when planning a project.



This book contains thousands of up-to-date products and prices along with useful information to be considered during the building process. From ‘Building Basics’ like finance and contracts, to labour rates, painting, plumbing and carpentry - to name but a few. This celebrated publication is the ultimate guide to specifying, pricing and sourcing the materials and services you need without having to waste time and money by getting quotes and prices from multiple sources. You will have all the information you need to plan and proceed with your building or renovation plans right at your fingertips with the latest Building & Pricing Guide, exclusively from Buildaid.

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