Build a firepit ring

By taking time to design and plan out your patio area, you can create a space that not only looks good, but also adds a unique feature to your home. Transforming your patio also gives you the perfect excuse to entertain family and family throughout the year.


Measuring and laying out the new patio area

Use a level to work out how much soil needs to be removed and then start digging. Remove around 20 to 30cm of soil and make sure the base is level.

Use a rake to loosen stones on the top layer and take these out. You can remove or replace soil to ensure that the area is completely flat.

Fill the newly dug hole with about 10 to 12cm of crushed stone. Compact the crushed stone with a tamp to make sure that it is level.

Next, add 5cm of fine sand and smooth out with a straight edge or long plank.

Divide the area up and level one section at a time with stakes and string. It is important to get the sand levelled correctly because this determines how the final patio will look.

You’re now ready to lay the pavers - here are about 700 of them.

Starting at the centre - and leaving space for the firepit - make sure to check the orientation of all of the pavers as you go.

Continue to check the level as you work towards the edge of the circle.

Laying the last few patio pavers.

Once all of the stones have been laid, brush sand into the cracks to prevent the stones moving during the next few steps.

Level the fire pit in preparation for the fire pit blocks.

Glue the blocks together using construction adhesive, or if you want a more permanent fix use a mortar mix.

Here is the finished firepit.

And there you have it, the finished patio.

Once the patio has been laid you can finish it however you like. We recommend buying some all-weather outdoor furniture to place around the fire.