Paint gutters and downspouts

Painting gutters and downspouts is a project that adds curb appeal when combined with painting a home exterior. If galvanised gutters and downspouts are looking drab, or perhaps rusty, they can easily be refreshed with Plascon Metalcare.

Many types of gutters and downspouts are powder coated or have a baked-on enamel finish. When this tough exterior is stained, power washing will typically not be able to remove the problem.  Instead, apply Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Degreaser; rinse well with clean water and allow to dry.  Most of the time this will remove any stains and your gutters will look clean and stain-free. 

Safety First

When using a ladder to paint gutters, ensure the ladder is safely footed on the floor. Prop ladders at a 75-degree angle from the horizontal for optimum resistance against the bottom of the ladder sliding out, strength of the ladder, and balance of the climber.

A simple rule for setting-up the ladder at the proper angle is to place the base a distance from the wall or upper support equal to one-quarter of the length of the ladder side rails. See more ladder safety.



Remove peeling paint with Plascon RemovALL All Purpose Paint Remover.

For galvanised gutters, rust must be sanded back to a bright metal finish. Use a multi-sander and 120-grit sanding pads to sand back.


For galvanised gutters, wash the gutters with Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Degreaser and rinse well with clean water and allow to dry.


For galvanised gutters, prime the gutters with Plascosafe Primer for an extremely high performance barrier against rust.


Finish your gutters off with 2 coats of Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Enamel for a durable long-lasting and chalk-resistant finish.

Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Enamel is available in a wide range of tinted colours to match the exterior finish of your home.

Note: If you need to paint PVC gutters, clean the surface with Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Degreaser and rinse well with clean water and allow to dry. Apply Plascon Waterbased Enamel in your choice of colour.