Awe-inspiring finishes for a home

Take a look at some awe-inspiring finishes that you can add to your home exterior.


Homeowners spend a lot of money on ensuring that their home is filled with beautiful interior spaces, but what about a home exterior? Cemcrete offers a range of wall finishing products that can be applied in numerous ways, and have various textures ranging from rough to smooth. Cemcrete finishes help transform your outdoor space according to your unique style.

Think of the exterior of your home as a blank canvas on which you can create awe-inspiring features, with products designer to cater for every style from Bohemian, Eclectic, Minimalistic or Provencal. Be creative and use one of Cemcrete's products for your outdoor living space!​

Cemcrete CemWash

Cemcrete CemWash is a 2-coat decorative, coloured cement finish that consists of a 1st coat Grey and 2nd coat in your choice of colour to finish off. This economical and extremely durable finish can also be spray applied using a hopper gun and compressor. Apply Cemcrete CemWash straight onto brickwork to create an attractive new finish for the exterior of your home.

Cemcrete CemPlaster

Cemcrete CemPlaster is a 3 to 5mm coloured, waterproof, fibre reinforced plaster that provides an attractive mottled finish. This subtly textured finish is applied onto conventional wood floated or scratch plaster. Cemcrete CemPlaster is ideal for those wanting to do imprints and can even be used to create an off-shutter effect.

GOOD TO KNOW: ​The name off-shutter originates from a raw concrete look left after the shuttering, wooden planks or strips used as a temporary structure for fencing to contain setting concrete, is removed.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener

Create awe-inspiring outdoor spaces with Cemcrete Colour Hardener. This granolithic concrete material is floated into fresh screed or concrete which colours, strengthens and creates durable, beautiful concrete surfaces . It is a special blend of cement incorporating very hard-wearing aggregates, light fast pigments and additives which set rock-hard. It's perfect for interior and exterior use and is easy to maintain.

Take your ideas to a Cemcrete showroom and make it easy to achieve your favourite styled outdoor living area. You can also view the Cemcrete range of products on their website at



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