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Quick Project: Fit a new Front Door Handle

Fitting a new door handle to your front door is a 10-minute project that is reasonably inexpensive and will go a long way towards improving the look of a home.


This is a quick and easy project that I've included as part of my ongoing home improvement... fitting a new door handle to my front door. And yes, before you say anything, the door still has to be painted but since the old handle would not open it was a matter of urgency to fit a new one. I will be sharing my front door revamp later on.

Door handles are one of those small items that tend to get overlooked when you are giving a home a makeover, and yet there are so many new styles in aluminium, brushed chrome, plastic and solid brass, that it is easy to replace door handles to keep your home looking modern and up to date. The price of a new door handle ranges depending on the style, but can be anywhere from R200 upwards, so fitting new handles is not an expensive project.





Replacing an old door handle is as easy as 1...2...3...

1. Remove the screws from the old door lock.

2. Remove the old handle from the door and take the spindle out of the lock. When fitting a new door handle a spindle should be included in the pack.

3. Secure the new lock to the door.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you need to fill old screw holes, especially if fitting a different size of door handle, use Alcolin QuikWood epoxy putty to fill holes.



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