An empty space becomes a beautiful kitchen

This do-it-yourself kitchen shows how you can transform any space with just a few basic tools. Loraine and her husband Cobi transformed a boring space into a beautiful kitchen.


"My husband Cobi did a sterling job.  But for the one missing cupboard door (for the dustbin) the kitchen almost complete." said Loraine.

Loraine is proud of her hubby not only for transforming her kitchen, but managing to take on this task even though he suffers from macular degeneration.

Loraine also mentioned that they don't have any fancy or expensive tools, and the entire project was completed using basic hand and power tools. That really is impressive and if Cobi can do this with basic power tools - imagine what he can do if they win a Bosch Power Tool Hamper!

The Shaker-style doors, cup handles and walls in white are complemented with a few aqua accessories, giving this kitchen a coastal feel and I really love the look. The stainless steel appliances blend in perfectly with the grey Formica LifeSeal countertops.

Loraine said that they still need to install strip lighting under the top cupboards and decide on splashbacks, as well as adding a few more cabinets to finish off the kitchen. "We have so enjoyed doing everything ourselves. We built a shell and have done all the painting, lime washed the floors and built-in cupboards in the bathrooms. The painting was a huge job. But it has all been a labour of love." said Loraine. "Thank you for your weekly newsletters which have been a HUGE inspiration to us. We have used so many ideas and have garnered plenty of tips."