How to dress up a door with vinyl flooring planks

Turn a simple sliding door into a feature by adding vinyl flooring planks. Today's vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of styles and you can match the door to your home decor.



Vinyl flooring planks

Sprayable contact adhesive

Paint scraper

Utility knife

Tape measure and pencil

Rubber roller

Acrylic paint - deep brown

Foam roller


1. Paint the door a deep brown in advance. This ups the effect of the vinyl planks by adding the illusion of shadow lines. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

2. Spray contact adhesive onto the side of the door and onto the backs of the vinyl planks to be glued onto the door. Let the glue sit for 5 to 10 minutes until no longer tacky.

DIY TIP: Place the vinyl planks face down on newspaper while spraying.

3. Have some 3mm spacers handy and use these between the vinyl planks. Carefully place and press down each individual plank onto the door.

4. Use a rubber roller over the entire surface to ensure a proper bond.