Make More Use of an Enclosed Balcony

An enclosed balcony can be transformed into an extension of your living space to add more room.




If you are stuck with an enclosed balcony that doesn't really add to your living space, we offer a few ways to finish off and turn an enclosed balcony into a space that adds value to your living area and your home. Enclosed balconies can be awkward spaces that don't really do anything for you and even end up being a nightmare.



Dressing Up

Most enclosed balconies,  particularly in flats and apartments, are designed to offer the occupant an extra bit of space to take advantage of the outdoors. The only problem is that they also generally have large windows that let in lots of unfiltered natural sunlight and can become an uncomfortably hot space where it's not comfortable to spend any amount of time.



The first step to consider is an easy way of controlling natural light, and this can be done with the right window treatments.



While a large expanse of windows is ideal for letting a lot of natural light into a flat or apartment, when you want to take advantage of a balcony that receives full sunlight for most of the day, you want to have a way to control this so that you can make use of the space.



Controlling Natural Light

The right window treatment, whether curtains or blinds or even a combination of both, are an important step towards making an enclosed balcony area work. When the sun beats down on your balcony it can make it uncomfortably hot and being able to control the amount of sunlight into the space will allow natural airflow and reduce heat.



You may also want to consider adding air-conditioning or a ceiling or freestanding fan to make the space enjoyable. Similarly, window treatments in conjunction with an air-conditioner or ceiling fan with reverse function can be used to heat up the space during the colder months of the year.

Addressing Safety Issues

In a flat or apartment with children, you will want to select a window treatment option that provides a certain level of safety. Another item to also consider is that of security. If your flat or apartment is on a lower level, you can look at installing security shutters as an intruder-proof option.



Finished Look

Many balconies, especially those enclosed at a later stage, have a tendency to feel separate for the existing living area. This totally undermines the purpose of extending a living space. Where walls have not been finished off, or flooring laid, you should consider completing these projects to give an enclosed balcony a finished look that complements the rest of your living space.



Consider plastering over rough or raw brickwork and look at flooring options that help create a harmonious flow from indoors to the balcony area.



Increased Living Space

Once you have made some essential changes to transform your enclosed balcony, there are many ways to use it.



Casual Dining

Take advantage of a view by setting up a casual dining area for when you entertain. Even a small area can be kitted out with the right furniture to make a dining area that adds more space. If space is restrictive, a dining table can be pushed against the wall to seat two or three people for everyday use and pulled out when more seating is needed.



Sitting Area

While the size of an enclosed balcony will determine its use, the intimate size makes them an ideal space for kicking back and relaxing. Look at adding a comfortable sofa, a small coffee table, and some wall shelves to make it a comfortable place to sit and soak up the sun. Avoid too much clutter - stick to a few basic accessories to give the impression of space.



Place to Work

An enclosed balcony can provide the perfect office space when there is no other room to set one up. Ordered shelves and a convenient desk can make this space a pleasure to work in. Be sure to incorporate plenty of storage and shelving to keep it neat and organised. Converting an existing small cupboard for books or files will ensure these are kept out of sight.



Kiddies Playroom

When there are young children around, you can avoid the clutter of toys by creating a space for them to play – and store toys when not in use. Further maximise the space by adding a desk or table and some shelves where children can study.





Green Space

Make the most of an enclosed balcony to add a green area to your flat or townhouse. A green area can be hugely rejuvenating and converting a balcony into a simple conservatory lets you take in natural elements.  Install window treatments that provide the right amount of light and airflow for the plants you want to place in the space. Add shelves and wall fixtures to generate height and create different levels and focal points.

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