Make Your Home Secure - All Year Round

Not just when you go away, the security of a home should be of the utmost importance - all year round.




The holidays will soon be upon us and many families will be packing up for their annual trek to an annual holiday destination. While making sure your home is protected during this time is paramount, so is ensuring that a home is protected and safe all year round.

We can't hide from the fact that crime statistics continue to increase and you only have to check out the daily news to see that robbery, housebreaking and crime, in general, is a fact of life. Protecting your family and your home is just as much a way of life and we've put together some affordable and easy to DIY projects for securing the home.






Installing Polycarbonate Burglar Bars



Since this article intends to provide options for securing a home that is affordable and easy to implement as do-it-yourself projects, one of the easiest ways to add a barrier to protect your home and family is to add burglar bars. For most, steel security bars are the norm and these are fitted to windows in a home to offer protection. The only downside of steel burglar bars is that you feel like you are living in a prison.

There is an easier and effective deterrent that offers protection for your home, and that is polycarbonate clear burglar bars. No, they are not as strong as steel burglar bars, but these transparent burglar bars are an option if you live within a secure development, complex or gated area. Clear security bars are intended as a deterrent - one that is there but not seen. When used in conjunction with other DIY security measures, this added barrier acts as an effective deterrent against break-ins.



Watch the video below for more information on installing polycarbonate clear burglar bars to the windows in your home.





Secure Points of Entry




Now that we have the windows covered, the next weak point in a home is doors. Conventional door locks are easy to overcome and don't provide much of a deterrent these days. To secure doors and points of entry effectively, no need to look at the installation of keyless locks or installing an alarm system, and specifically a wireless alarm system.

A do-it-yourself wireless alarm system won't cost you an arm and a leg, and you can quite easily fit the system in less than a day with nothing more than a screwdriver. These alarms systems come with all the components you need to install and set up home security, but always check what's included before you buy.






An essential element of a wireless home security system is the door and window sensors. These detect intruders before they gain entry to your house, which creates a particularly effective deterrent. When used in conjunction with other security elements, you are building up a high deterrent level home security system that will offer far more protection.





Watch the video below for more information on installing a home alarm system.




Secure The Perimeter of your home




Security cameras, whether dummy or functional, act as a visual deterrent to would-be burglars. Nowadays, many security camera options are wireless, making it easier to install in awkward or out-of-reach areas where they can be mounted to cover specific areas of your property.

Did you know that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a working security camera and a dummy camera? When these are mounted strategically, such as next to a metal security gate, entry doors, garage door, or on an outside wall, even a dummy camera can put off would-be intruders and they come at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, get professional help with Locksmith for all your security needs.


Watch the video below for information on how to install your own security cameras.









Added Level Of Security

Natural green hedges are a reasonably affordable and natural way to offer a deterrent to home invasion. The only downside to a natural hedge is that you have to wait a while for it to be established, and then it just needs the occasional trim to keep in shape. A natural hedge not only looks good, but they also provide a refuge for a variety of birds, butterflies and small wildlife in your garden.

Shop for evergreens that look good all year round and are preferably fast-growing and water-wise. Look for varieties that have sharp thorns or a good 'snag-factor' to deter would-be criminals.







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