Selling Your Home? Home Improvements That Add Value

In times of unrest, many people look to selling up their home and moving on to somewhere else, but selling a home isn't always easy, especially one that needs a bit of updating.




During times of upheaval, unrest and uncertainty, many homeowners decide to sell up and move on. But when times are tough, homeowners who plan on selling their home need to ensure it attracts top prices from homebuyers and one way to do this is to make your home more attractive to buyers for an easier sale. There are some home improvements you can tackle, ones that will add value to the home and make it more appealing. It always helps to do what you can to achieve the price you are asking for and sell up faster.


Don't overlook curb appeal



When you are looking to get buyers into your home, it pays not to overlook the effectiveness of curb appeal. First impressions do matter and you want your property to attract more buyers, right? Ensuring that the exterior of your property reflects a house that is in good condition and cared for will be the first step in attracting buyers.


When buyers look for a property, most start online. Real estate agents come out and take photographs of your property and post these on a website to attract buyers. That means, if the exterior of your home is not up to scratch it's not even going to get the attention you need to interest buyers.



- Do a visual inspection

You see the exterior of your property whenever you enter or leave;  but how closely do you look? When was the last time you looked up at your roof? Are window or door frames in need of a lick of paint? Is the lawn sprouting weeds and garden beds empty? All of these and more will affect curb appeal and how others view the property.







- Check windows and frames

Steel and wooden window frames require regular maintenance. If you don't stay on top of this, sooner or later you will have to look at replacing these. If window frames need painting or sealing you're either going to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Whatever option you take it's one of the steps towards improving curb appeal.



- Look for dirty or peeling paint on walls and trim

The paint job on the exterior of a house reflects on the owner. Where paint is peeling on walls or trim, metalwork is rusty on gates or fences or perhaps even a garage door, this shows a buyer that the property isn't well cared for. Buyers want to know that you have taken regular care and maintenance to keep the property in tip-top condition. To rectify any of these areas. And don't overlook the roof. This is just as important, if not more so, as to how your property looks at first glance.







The last thing buyers want to see is any signs of neglect in or around the property.



- Lawn choking with weeds and flower beds empty

Unless you are specifically cultivating a minimalist or zero-maintenance garden, lawn choked with weeds and flower beds empty is a sign of neglect on the part of the homeowner. It doesn't cost much to have a garden service come in and do a once-over on your lawn and they will clear out the weeds so that you can focus on re-seeding any bald patches and watering and feeding for a lush, green lawn.

A quick trip to your local garden centre to buy a few colourful annuals for planting in flower beds will immediately let your exterior pop. If you don't want to plant annuals and would prefer something a little more hardy, there are plenty of grass varieties in colours and textures that can be combined to great effect.


Don't forget about the back garden. Buyers will want to see how they can entertain in this area, so make sure to clear away clutter and clean up this area.



Tackle outstanding repairs

Another way to ensure your property sells for top dollar is to take care of any improvements, repairs or maintenance that have been left undone. Buyers want to know that they are purchasing a home that is going to be trouble-free, at least until the next maintenance period kicks in. And unless you have arrangements to sell the property 'voetstoets', it is your responsibility to fix any faults or repairs before you sell.

- Replace or repair roofing

If there are any problems with the roof, you probably already know this. But you don't want a buyer to walk through the house and comment on stains on the ceiling or signs of mould or damp on walls. Have a professional come out and do a thorough inspection of the roof and suggest any repairs that need to be undertaken.

With a new or repaired roof in place, the curb appeal of your home will ensure that any money spent will be well spent since roof installations generally pay for themselves insofar as adding value to a home or making it more energy-efficient.



- Have pool sparkling clean

If there is a swimming pool in the garden, have any repairs fixed so that buyers can see a crystal clear swimming pool. Be sure to tackle any signs of algae, cracks in paving around the pool, or other problems that might reflect badly on the state of the pool.

An easy way to make the outdoor area look great is to clear out any clutter. Old furniture, garden tools and equipment, kids toys, make sure all these are put away and out of sight on Open Days.






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