Automating a Home

There are many misconceptions around home automation. Many homeowners aren't sure about where to begin and below is some guidance on the common myths around automating your home - brought to you by Homemation.


Many homeowners aren't sure about where to begin when wanting to install home automation. offer some guidance on the common myths around automating your home.

Today, most home automation systems can be retrofitted into an older home and easily included in a new build or renovation. So consider the following if you are considering an automated home system.

It’s far too expensive

• Home automation can be very affordable by starting with one - or a few rooms - or concentrating on specific features only, such as lighting or music or security. The price is largely dependent on your budget and needs.

• Today, technology has improved and pricing has reduced. Home automation should also be viewed together with your home as an investment which adds a lot of value to your lifestyle.

• Providing a cost estimate isn’t straightforward though - it’s kind of like asking how much does a car cost? The Control4 4Sight annual subscription required is around R2 590.00. Over and above this, the starting point would require a Control4 controller. The controllers start from R9 590.00 and depending on the scope of the project and the devices you intend on integrating with, the bigger the controller and additional controllers would be required. Control4 is software that connects your home’s automated products together, through a LAN environment – so you’d need to include high speed internet into the budget.

• Lighting within the home can be done from around R2000 per lighting circuit.

• You will also need to take into consideration the installation costs and this should only be done by a certified Control4 integrator.

Installation is too much work

• As with all electrical installations, there will be work done inside your house. But it doesn’t have to be sledgehammers at walls and cable chasing. Control4’s wireless technologies make it much easier to retrofit homes.

• It’s intimidating and too complicated to use

• In the past this may have been true but nowadays the technology has been refined and is specifically designed to be user friendly. Home automation makes use of an intuitive user interface that puts everything at a homeowner’s fingertips, If you can operate a smart phone you will able to enjoy using Contol4.

It’s an unnecessary gimmick

Intelligent zoned heating control and ‘all out’ lighting functions are sensible, practical and energy saving ideas. The security aspects of the system give great peace of mind and are a very important feature for South African users. Home Automation systems don’t only allow you complete control of all the devices in your home but also make clever decisions on your behalf such as lowering the blinds in a room because it has become too warm, sending you an SMS and turning off your water because your geyser has sprung a leak, or notifying you that your garage door has been open for over 10 minutes. Because of the wide range of uses, automating your home can either be as bling and frivolous or as clever and useful as you like.

The technology doesn’t work well together

Control4 partners with the world's leading brands to ensure their products integrate seamlessly into the Control4 platform to deliver an exceptional automation experience for our customers. With support for over 10,000 devices from hundreds of world-class brands, Control4 solutions are designed to work with the consumer electronics and appliances you already trust and love.

All the technology will be outdated soon

Control4 hardware is built to be ‘future-proof’ created in such a way as to be receptive to potential changes and improvements in the future, and the software is continuously improving and updates are simple to install.

It’s just a fad

This Business Insider headline says it all: 'The Internet Of Things Will Be Bigger Than The Smartphone, Tablet, And PC Markets Combined.' Home Automation, which is the residential part of the 'Internet of Things' is not just a fad. Some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, Google and Samsung have invested in home automation to bring more and improved technology to your home. Homemation is the exclusive specialist South African suppliers of premium branded audiovisual and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after AV and home automation technologies in the world.