Install New Garage Door or Replace Old Door

One home improvement project that offers a guaranteed return on investment is fitting an automated garage door.


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With the property market in a slump at the moment, you can add more curb appeal with an attractive garage door. This home improvement project offers a guaranteed return on investment, plus adding value to your home and making it more attractive.



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If your existing garage door is falling off the tracks or starting to bow in the centre, perhaps it is time to consider replacing the door with a more modern aesthetic.



There are now plenty of design options to be considered for automated garage doors, and you can choose a design that complements the exterior of your home and adds that extra bit of curb appeal - one thing that buyers look for if you are planning to put your property up for sale.



If you’re planning to get a new garage door or replace the older one, it’s best to work with professionals specializing in the installation of garage doors. They can provide quality workmanship to ensure your door is installed correctly.



Aside from the installation or replacement process, you also need to consider the type of door you want for your garage. It’s advisable to et in touch with a local supplier and installer of garage doors to obtain a quotation and more information on the range of products they supply. It is also important to discuss guarantee and maintenance requirements for whatever door you select. Make sure that the door, motor and components are of high quality, as well as covered by a guarantee against faulty workmanship.



If you're looking for options for a replacement garage door or new installation, consider the following popular choices.



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1. Aluminium Garage Door

If the exterior of the home reflects a modern or traditional design aesthetic, you may want to consider an aluminium door. These types of doors are available for all garage openings and come in a varied selection of styles and colours. Aluminium garage doors are extremely sturdy and can last up to 20 years or more with regular maintenance. For this reason, they can provide your garage with the utmost safety. When you install aluminium doors, you can protect your property against intrusion and extreme weather conditions, such as high wind.



You will also find that aluminium doors are not quite as expensive as other alternatives. Installations are also available in galvanised steel and Chromadek garage doors. While steel doors do not require a lot of maintenance, they do need to be checked at least once a year. Clean the door with mild dishwashing detergent and keep the motor and lift components as clean as possible.









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2. Wood Panel Garage Door

Attractive and versatile, a wood panel garage door complements any style of home, even one decorated in a more contemporary style. There are various wood finishes and styles to choose from and gives any home a more high-end look. They’re also durable and can last long, mainly if you apply natural treatment to help preserve their service lifespan. For example, you can use certain oils on your wood panel garage door to safeguard it from bending, rotting, and warping.



 Furthermore, wooden panel garage doors are eco-friendly. Since wood is a naturally sourced and regenerating material, you can have it for your garage door if you want to be environmentally friendly. Also, most reputable garage door providers will work with a reliable designer to ensure that the wood is reclaimed or sustainable. That said, using a wood panel garage door can be a perfect idea



The only downside to wooden garage doors is that they require ongoing maintenance to ensure the wood stays looking good. If you're not up for that, you should consider a faux wood garage door.



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Wooden tip-up doors are no longer available, due to the fact that these doors had a tendency to bow or curve in the centre, even with regular maintenance. If you are interested in finding out more about wooden garage doors, ask for details on sectional panels.







3. Custom Garage Door



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Most garage door suppliers and installers should be able to offer customs designs if you don't want a traditional design for your garage door. Custom designs can include the use of both glass and mirror, and be combined with steel or wood panels. Discuss your requirements with the supplier and make sure that everything will be covered under warranty. 



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