Replace and fit a new front door

Removing and replacing an exterior door, especially a front and back door, is as easy as removing the old one, making a few adjustments and then hanging the new one in place.


You will need:


Wood chisel

Drill/Driver and assorted drill and screw bits


Start by using a screwdriver or drill/driver to remove the screw hinges on both the door, and the frame.

On an older door you may find that the door section is hung onto the frame hinge by a large pin. You can use a hammer to tap the pin from the hinge section to enable you to lift the door up and off.

If screws are stripped and you're finding it hard to get them out, cut a slot with a Dremel Multitool to make it easier.

Clean out the existing cut out to allow for insertion of the new hinge. Screw this in place, making sure that the screw heads are placed level with the surface of the hinge.

If screw heads protrude above the surface, this will result in the door sticking and binding when you close.

If you are replacing an existing door you can use the old door as a template to cut the new door to size. Most bought doors need to be sanded or cut at the top/bottom to fit.

With the door cut to the right size, use shims (small blocks of wood) to lift the door into position so that you can mark for hinges.

A hammer and sharp wood chisel are used to mark around the outline for the hinge. Making small slat cuts allow for easier removal of the material. This slot is cut to the depth equal to the thickness of the hinge - normally around 3mm.

Hold the wood chisel at a very low angle from the surface to chip out small amounts.

The new slot should be cleaned out so that you can easily mount the new hinge for attaching to the frame hinge.