5 Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Windows

There can be factors out of our control that can affect the lifespan of a good window, so it should be something homeowners should be prepared to handle.


Windows are a very important part of the house. They are not just designed for letting the sunlight and fresh air in, but also for a good vantage point of your own back and front yards and also the neighborhood. Although windows are not built to last forever, high-quality, sturdy design and well-maintained windows can last up to 20 years or probably even more. Still, there can be factors out of our control that can affect the lifespan of a good window, so it should be something homeowners should be prepared to handle.

Assess the Windows for Wear and Tear/Damages

It needs more than just ocular inspection to check if a window is still working right, especially if a window has been in the house for more than 10 years. You need to physically check all the window parts and functions. There may be times that the problems of windows are minor, and don’t need replacement but just repair, such as needing new weatherstripper or hardware such as hinges, casement cranks, handles, locks, latch plates or sash balances. However, if there are clear indications of wear and tear on the frames, jambs or sills of the window are warped or broken, a replacement has to be done instead of repair, to ensure that all parts of the window are replaced with new and functional ones.

Consider Your Specific Window Needs

One thing to note is not to assume that all windows are the same. Always consider your specific needs when it comes to windows. Your location is one crucial factor. Cleveland has warm and humid summers and cold and snowy winters; Los Angeles for another part, has a year-round mild-to-hot and mostly dry climate. If you are looking into replacing your window with an energy efficient replacement, EZ Window Solutions recommends using vinyl or composite windows. These windows are durable, able to withstand any Midwest weather can throw at it. When it comes to energy efficiency, these windows trap heated or cold air inside your home and also keeps outside weather from getting inside.

Consider the Manufacturer

Another thing to consider is to check for reputable manufacturers when getting new windows. Most new manufacturers are still working their way to meet the quality requirements. Instead, choose established and reputable manufacturers to ensure that you have great service and customer care. In addition, reputable manufacturers provide support when problems with your windows arise.

Consider the Warranty, Quality and Durability of the New Window

It is important to check on the entire parts of the window. Check the material, the design and style – these define the quality of the windows. Also check if the window is reliable, safe and durable to stay for a decade or two. Read the specifications if the window is designed for all types of weather and seasons. In addition, you will also need to get a warranty offer; the longer the warranty period, the better. This is important in case where you’ll need replacement or service whenever there are problems with the windows.

Consider the Price

It is essential to check the price of the replacement window now that you have determined the things you need from your new window. Windows are essential parts of the home, and they need to be in the best possible quality. That said, it should only be appropriate to allocate enough budget for a good quality replacement. The price should also be reasonable, while still maintaining the qualities you need.

There are many things to consider when it comes to window replacements. With the many options provided by manufacturers, you need to always consider what you really need from your window, and not the latest and trendiest ones. A good quality window should be safe, secure, resilient and stylish. If you find the type of window you need as a replacement, then by all means go for it.


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