The Advantages Of Double Glazing in Gateshead When Getting Your Windows Revamped

This article presents you with all the other advantages of using double-glazed windows for your home.



The world is slowly advancing in better trends and technology with each day. The same is true in the world of construction. One of the aspects of home construction in Gateshead that is constantly improving is in the matter of window construction. More homeowners are leaning towards Double Glazing, and for good reason.

Double-glazed windows refer to windows that have two layers of glass installed. Between these two layers of glass, there is also an inert gas sealed. The most well-known advantage of doing so is that this creates more insulation for your home, which is exceptionally important for cold towns, such as Gateshead.


This article presents you with all the other advantages of using double-glazed windows for your home.


1. Your property value increases

If you sum up all the advantages of installing double-glazed windows, you can safely conclude that this type of window adds comfort and style to your home. These two factors are fundamentally important as well if you are leaning towards increasing the value of your property. The trend of home buyers these days is that they are willing to pay more for the features of a house, for as long as it assures them better comfort and better daily living in a property that they are to call home. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your home in the future, you can already come rest assured with the thought that your property has already increased in value.




2. You can save up on heating bills

As previously pointed out in the introduction, double-glazed creates more insulation in your home. What you may fail to realize is that in your previous windows, because they are only single-glazed, you lose more than fifty percent of the heat inside your home produced by heaters and radiators. Therefore, you are wasting so much extra energy that you are paying expensive money for.

When you make the switch to double-glazed windows, you can save up on your heating bills, as you can now trap the heat more efficiently inside your house. Plus, you will not have to use as much heating as you would initially need to as well with single-glazed windows, because the double-glazed windows already create its own insulation.



3. You can create your own soundproofing system

If your home in Gateshead is along a populated area or road, one of the most critical inconveniences that you may experience is that of noise pollution. If your windows are only single-layered, you have no means of soundproofing against the noisy environment on the outside. This fact tends to be quite a nuisance, especially if you have young children in your house that are easily disturbed by noise, or if you would simply like to sleep better and relax.

Revamping your house to have double-glazed windows solves the problem mentioned above. Because of the two layers of glass that are present, one of the positive effects that you can also experience out of the same is that you can soundproof your house from the noise of the outside.


4. You have a more secure home

This fact is a no-brainer: when your house only has single-layered windows, you have lesser protection against theft. Mind you, thieves are getting smarter, too; hence, it has become easier for them to break in windows that only have a single layer of protection. When your home in Gateshead has double-glazed windows, this also means that you enjoy a double layer of protection. In relation to safety, double-glazed windows have the following features:

● They are sturdy
● They are tough to break
● They have their own locking system


5. You are also protecting your furniture and belongings

In your home, thieves are not the only harmful elements that you have to protect your furniture and other belongings against. In case you aren’t aware of the same, even a basic thing such as heat coming from the outside can damage some of your furniture, tables, and even your paintings, if you have any. How? It works in the same manner as how too much harmful exposure to the sun can damage your skin as well.

Hence, if you are the type to have expensive furniture such as those made of sensitive leather, and priceless paintings, it is best for you to go the extra mile and revamp your windows to double-glazed ones instead. The cost of doing so is still better than the cost of losing your precious belongings.







6. Your home will look better

Especially if your house is of modern design, double-glazed windows can enhance the way that your home looks in toto. Just as your eyes are the windows to your soul, your windows also have a significant role in the perfection of your house, as it is your windows that can complete the overall look of a home. Plus, there are numerous options of frames to choose from now, which will go along with double-glazed windows as this option is no longer just limited to modern houses. For example, you can choose from any of the following frames:

● Aluminum
● Hardwood
● uPVC


7. You will no longer need to maintain thick curtains

Even with the presence of the more in-demand option of modern window blinds, there are still many homes that opt for thick curtains. These homeowners use thick curtains for varied reasons, such as:

● Keeping the room warm
● Protecting the room from the sun
● Adding a sense of privacy

However, the common criticisms with thick curtains are that it is tough to maintain, it is expensive, and it is also a breeding ground for dust and other allergens. For homes that have sensitive, asthmatic children or family members, these thick curtains do not come as a recommendation.

With double-glazed curtains, you will no longer have to install thick curtains. You will only need thinner curtains for that added privacy, or blinds. This situation is easier and better, as blinds and light curtains are also easier to maintain. Plus, you can keep your home cleaner and free of any dust-collecting objects.



One of the most common mistakes done by homeowners whenever they think about revamping their house is that they tend to focus more on the furniture, the paint, and all other items that could be easily replaced. What they tend to forget about are the more sustainable options, such as windows. Although replacing your windows can be a little bit more costly, all the above mentioned benefits of doing so prove that every dollar spent for this improvement is worth it.







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