Fit a door sweep or draught excluder

You can switch on as much heat as you like to warm up a home, but if there are gaps under doors in your home, you're just wasting electricity. Install a door sweep to keep out cold draughts and your home - and family - will start to feel the heat.

You can buy door sweeps at Builders Warehouse and they don't cost much. In fact, you'll be saving money over and above what you spend on a door sweep. You can use a hacksaw or jigsaw and steel-cutting blade to cut a door sweep down to size to fit onto any door.

Once cut down to size, you can use a screwdriver or drill/driver to screw the door sweep onto the front or back of the door. See how nicely the door sweep closes up the gap and keeps cold draughts out.

For those of you who prefer a door sweep with a little more style, you can select from a wide range of door sweeps at WinDoor - The Raven DIY door and window seals provide the most effective and comprehensive barrier against weather, noise, draughts and insects. These seals are easily fitted and can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door and window types whilst not impeding their normal use.