A stunning makeover for boring doors

Here's an easy way to give doors a makeover with pine moulding strips and glue.


home depot via thesurznickcommonroom.com

Sarah, of The Surznick Common Room, wanted to give her boring doors a much-needed makeover. This affordable and easy option made a huge impact and transformed the plain, wood veneer doors into a stunning feature.

Hollow-core doors, with or without a wood veneer, are pretty bland. With just a few lengths of pine moulding and glue you can instantly transform them into a stand-out feature that will enhance your home.

All you need for this project is a mitre box and saw - or a mitre saw, some lengths of pine moulding, No More Nails adhesive, paint and equipment, and a spirit level, tape measure and pencil.


GOOD TO KNOW: For this project the doors were removed from the frame and placed on a couple of trestles.

1. Measure up where you want the moulding to be and write down the measurements so that you can cut the strips to length.

2. You can use a mitre box and saw to cut the thin strips of moulding, although a mitre saw does make this task much easier.

3. Apply adhesive to the backs of the moulding strips and press down onto the door. No More Nails adhesive should stay stuck, but you can also use some masking tape to hold in place until the adhesive is set.

4. Once the adhesive has been left for the required amount of time, remove the masking tape and get ready to paint. If you are painting a raw wood-veneer door, it's better to apply a wood primer before painting. For previously painted doors, and where the surface doesn't need sanding or repair, you can apply a water based enamel or acrylic paint suitable for doors.

Once you're done, think about adding new knobs or door handles. You will find a varied selection at your local Builders Warehouse, or shop around for a style that will complement the existing decor and style of your home.


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