Interior door styles for a home

Make a lasting impression and add value to your home by choosing doors that reflect style and personality. Choosing the right doors for a home is the difference between standard builders-grade doors, or a door that stands out and adds architectural interest.




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Gone are the days when you were limited by choice, today manufacturers offer a wide variety of door styles that are available at your local Builders Warehouse, or direct from suppliers and manufacturers.

Now you have a choice between the number of panels you want, whether or not to have solid or glass pane, side-hung or pivot doors, and even a choice of hardwoods or steel-core doors.

With a little help from Solid Doors, we take a look at the various styles of door available.


Stable Doors


In a home with children and pets, a stable door - or barn door - allows you the option to close the bottom section of the door to keep children indoors and pets outdoors, and open the top half to let in light and fresh air.

It's important that this type of door be sealed properly around all edges before installation, and on a regular basis, to ensure that the door does not absorb moisture and swell, which can cause the door to be difficult to close.




Panel Doors


Panel doors are available in various panel sizes and variations. When buying a panel door it's important to check that the panels are firmly fixed into the frame. I have seen plenty of panel doors where the panels are loose with gaps around the edges.

For your home safety and security, panels should be firmly fixed into the surrounding frame.


Glass Panel Doors


Adding glass panel doors allows more natural light into a home entrance or dark space. The only disadvantage of this type of door is the security aspect, and for this reason it is better to fit this type of door in conjunction with a security gate. Unless, of course, you are located in a secure environment.





Pivot Doors


These doors are not mounted on a side hinge, but rather a pivot system mounted in the frame. The door is fixed to the frame and allows adjustable pivot opening and closing.


When shopping for wood doors you have the option of pine, meranti, saligna or other engineered hardwoods. The cost will depend on the wood use for the construction and style of door.

All wood doors need to be stained (if required) and sealed before installation. This allows you to ensure that all sides, top and bottom of a door are protected from moisture. Regular application is also necessary to ensure that doors do not swell or absorb moisture, which could result in wood rot.

Check the construction of doors to ensure panels and frames are engineered for a good fit. .