Don't put off home maintenance

Regular home maintenance is important to maintain the value of your property and also prevent damage that can easily be avoided.


Any built structure, including your home, requires regular ongoing maintenance. When left for too long or ignored, damage that could be repaired easily and without too much cost can turn into damage that can affect the integrity of the structure and result in repairs that cost substantially more.

Maintain a home exterior

It is important to maintain a home exterior and perform any repairs necessary when cracks appear or paint finishes fail. A properly primed and painted finish over plaster protects the structure from the elements. When this finish is compromised you leave a structure open to damage by moisture. 

Serious damage can easily be prevented with an annual inspection and application of quality products. Prominent Paints offer expert advice and a range of guaranteed painting and repair solutions that allow you to stay on top of all your home maintenance projects.

A cement tile roof is an affordable and attractive way to top off a house. This type of roof looks good for up to 10 years but the colour does tend to fade over time. The problem is solved by applying cleaning the roof tiles and applying a quality roof paint to ensure that your home looks good for many more years. Click here for advice on painting a tiled roof or use the search function to find details for your particular roof design.