Ideas to Disguise Cracks in a Rental Home

When you rent your home there are going to be times when you need to disguise cracks, especially if you have a landlord that doesn't regularly undertake repairs.




In a rented home there is no absolute certainty that your landlord will get onto any repairs immediately, and you may end up having to put up with unsightly cracks for some time. If this is the situation you have to live with, Liberty Management team says there are ways to disguise and cover up unsightly cracks until you wait for the necessary repairs to be done.







While this particular feature is intended for those living in a rented home, it is also applicable to any homeowner, especially those that don't have time - or the inclination - to fix up cracks in walls.





This quick and inexpensive room makeover occurred in an older home where an existing fireplace was removed and covered up. Unfortunately, it was a shabby cover up job that ended up leaving large and unsightly cracks in the dining room.

In order to rectify the problem of unsightly cracks and also add a focal point to the room at the same time, a faux fireplace was made up using 12mm and 16mm SupaWood (that you will find at any Builders Warehouse) and painted in a crisp white colour to blend in with the white walls already in the room.





You can build your own freestanding fireplace surround using scrap materials you may already have lying around, or pop into your nearest Builders Warehouse to have 16mm SupaWood cut to the sizes you need to  make one. Adding detail is easy if you use pine moulding or trim, or SupaWood or pine moulding or skirtings.




Make a sketch of the design of fireplace you want so that you can measure up and have all the pieces you need cut to size. And because it's a freestanding unit, you don't have to worry about any fitting that could damage walls, and you can take the fireplace with you should you move.







If you are not very handy with power tools and don't think you could make your own fireplace surround, use the Internet to do an online search for a junkyard or salvaged fireplace that you can give some TLC and fit.



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