Best Construction Management Softwares

Construction management used to be and still is a strenuous job, of which the complexity was brought down by the introduction of various innovations.


When the fundamental building blocks stack up to form the surface of the structure, cement binds these cells together, and steel stands tall as the spine. Just like in the human body, the posture and strength of the structure depend upon the above components. Labourers come to the site and work for fixed hours, with engineers supervising their work for every little detail. But, this is not the 20th century. Time has flown into the era of technologies and progressive techniques that even the construction industry has sped up to that pace. Construction management used to be a strenuous job (still is), of which the complexity was brought down by the introduction of various innovations. Earlier, the control over the material transport and unloading used to be quite challenging, but with the advent of the software, managing the whole process became more relaxed. You can now study more about the various construction analytics platforms.

The Construction Management Software helps in improving every on-site process, from the foundation placement through the erection to the finishing stage. It enhances the safety feature and also plans a better productive strategy to complete the work. Each software functions to bring the factors of budget, productivity, schedules, and scope into the area of practical implementation. Following are some of the best and widely used Construction Management software.

1. GanttPRO

The Gantt chart software is used here to divide the entire project into schedules and tasks, which if implemented accordingly, will create productive results. Estimation conducted by the software is mostly accurate, and following this budgeting technique is going to help the contractors save time and use the resources efficiently. GanttPRO helps in handling the assignment of work based on the designations and keeping the whole project under control by keeping track of all the tasks. The software also provides a critical path to finish the entire construction process.

2. BIM 360

BIM is the software that helps in managing the construction process by planning specific schedules. The budget of the project can be controlled to a great extent by using BIM, and the completion of the project can be sped up if the implementation is based on the recommended plan. Just like in the GanttPRO, you can keep track of the work in BIM also. Managing the project according to the industry specifications using real-time data is also possible here. The unique feature of BIM 360 is that it has been designed to be operated online.

3. Acculynx

The process of implementation of the plans is made less complicated in Acculunx by giving out a clear picture of each stage of work. The software handles all the features, including client relationship management, project scheduling, management of the project and service, estimation and accounting. Using this software, all the employers and employees can stay connected for effective communication regarding the project. A daily log of the work is prepared in AccuLynx, which stands out as the best feature of it.

4. Jonas Premier

The best features of Jonas Premier are the fast accounting and job costing of the project. It is a software that is user-friendly and easy to use. The Cloud technology incorporated in the software makes the automation and construction process faster, and it helps in saving the time required for each task. Without investing much time on searching for the documents and filing process, the job of tracking the progress is made simpler.

5. Procore

Communication between each node in the hierarchy is made less complicated and highly efficient. The operating system of this software can be connected to various devices through the application, and the whole company forms a network that works seamlessly. Quality of work and safety are ensured with Procore management.

6. CoConstruct

The feature that stands out in CoConstruct is that of the facility to manage the ideas and concepts that keeps changing during construction, thereby broadening the scope for improvising. The remaining features in the software are also equally impressive with upgraded client communication and tracking of the progress in the work along with the issues faced.


Construction has now moved into a phase where each process can be handled on the screens in front of you. Analysing the construction methods and producing excellent results are no more energy-draining tasks. All the operating systems mentioned above function to help you plan the implementation correctly and build the abode with perfection.



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