Install a new kitchen from scratch

Colleen and hubby ripped out their old kitchen and installed a beautiful new kitchen - from scratch. The new dark wood kitchen features plenty of storage space and there was plenty of room to add an island that provides additional countertop working space and comfortably seats six.


My advice to anyone wanting to renovate an existing kitchen is to start off with an idea and then put this down in a basic plan. Take accurate measurements around the room, both at floor and ceiling height, since so few homes actually have plumb walls and you will invariably find a difference between the measurement at floor and ceiling levels.

Ripping out an entire kitchen, as Colleen did, allows you to work from a blank space. Measuring up is easier and planning and layout is more hands-on, with room to double check your drawn plans and make an alterations before you start installation. However, ripping out a kitchen does mean that you are left without one until you start fitting components!

I like the original kitchen design, but it does only offers the basics and not much else. If you are looking to build a rustic or country kitchen, building a brick framework for cabinets is easy and affordable.