All that you need to know when buying a skylight

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a skylight.



Choosing to introduce roof lights into the top of your home or business property is a responsibility, and there are a few things to consider before purchasing a skylight.

On the off chance that you're asking, "What's the best thing to look for before buying a skylight?", well, you have come to the right place to look for a roof skylight. Here, we consider everything you have to take into consideration when acquiring your roof light.


Where Will Your Skylight Be?

Which room(s) do you need your skylight(s) to be introduced in? Will it be your lounge, kitchen, or bedroom? Or, on the other hand, maybe you need to add a window to your basement to bring in additional light?

The vast majority install skylight windows to enable the extra natural light to enter their home. There is one disadvantage to this, which is the greenhouse effect (overheating the room in summers). This problem can be tackled by installing a special type of glass, which we will cover later on.

Remember that the room you add your roof light into can likewise add value to the overall space and home. So, be sure to consider both style and function when acquiring a skylight.



Which Style Of Roof Light Is Best for You?

Our roof lights come in a few distinct styles, each with their own exceptional highlights and advantages. It merits investigating them all before choosing which is the best for you:



Non-opening and low support, our top-rated roof lights give excellent warmth protection and noise reduction. This specific design has recently been granted the Passive House Standard, which means they help to bring down your energy charges, and decrease CO2 discharge.


We've planned these roof lights for pitched (slanting) rooftops. The frameless perspectives from within give these windows a contemporary vibe, which is perfect if you have a modern home.








These skylights pull in the daylight from different points for the day, so you'll generally have huge amounts of natural light flooding into your home.


If you want to look at your home to be an eye-catcher, then you need to install these different shaped roof lights which will suit them best.


This is the exemplary roof light style, complete with a determination of finial and peaking choices for you to browse.


The only difference with these lights is that these are slimmer.


At the point when the days are hotter and sunnier, you may want to open your roof lights. We offer various types of opening pitched and flat skylights.


Intended for interior ground surface – plain, tinted, and enriched glass accessible.

Our fixed level roof lights are accessible in dark and dim casings, and you can pick any RAL shading blend you like for our slimline roof lights. We likewise offer coordinating bi-overlap and sliding entryways, so if that is something you're keen on, you'll presumably need complementary colors.








Which Size Roof light Should You Get?

Roof lights aren't one-size-fits-all. While there are various types of standard sizes, we can likewise make custom-made bay windows for you. Just share your ideal size with us, and we'll send you a statement.

Remember to quantify the area where you need your roof light installed before requesting a quote. We've created a manual for estimating what type of roof lights you need, notwithstanding how to gauge your rooftop pitch – the two of which are fundamental to know before your skylight windows are installed.


What Type of Glass Should You Install?

Once you've picked out your roof light style, it's an ideal opportunity to choose the kind of glass to introduce. We offer four distinct sorts, each with their individual highlights. You can see the following

• Energy Saving: This glass keeps heat from escaping throughout the winter months, helping your space remain warm, which means you save money on your energy. Perfect if your roof light faces north or east.

• Temperature Control: Combat the greenhouse impact by keeping your room from winding up agonizingly hot. This is perfect for roof lights that face south or west.

• Noise Pollution: If your house is by a bustling street, this glass will reduce the external noise.

• Security: Our Reflex+ glass doesn't break effectively, which is extraordinary for an additional layer of security.

Regardless of which glass you pick, you can be confident that they all channel out up to 100% of UV rays, are low maintenance with easy clean glass, and are long-lasting, with a future of 30 years.

There's additionally the alternative to pick between twofold coated and triple-coated windows—albeit please note, twofold coated is just accessible in standard measured roof lights.







What is the cost of a skylight?

An unavoidable issue we're frequently asked by individuals purchasing a skylight is “what do they cost?”

The expense of your roof light(s) is based on a number of factors: the style you pick, the size, regardless of whether it's twofold or triple coated, different properties of the glass (for example, noise control, sun oriented control), tinting, and conveyance versus gathering.

We'll give you a quote that considers the majority of your concerns, so you're 100% clear on the expense of your roof light.


The most effective method to install roof lights

Once you have purchased your roof light, window, or skylight from us, you can either install them yourself or have them fitted by a manufacturer. At present, we don't offer installations. The majority of our roof lights come with their own set of fitting rules.







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