Building A Home with Nature

As more and more homes are constructed in urban areas, let's not forget about the importance of nature in our everyday lives and build a home to incorporate this element.


Spring is a time of renewal and at this time of the year garden centres are filled with people shopping for annuals, shrubs, flowers and trees to fill up their gardens. As an increasingly amount of homes are developed and built in urban areas, mostly for their convenience to places of work, there becomes a growing need for planting gardens that allow a us to reconnect with nature.

With the increasing growth in urban areas, technology and entertainment have a tendency to intrude on what would normally be time for relaxation. Despite this, we still yearn for a connection with nature in our lives, not only to have a place to relax and step back from the daily grind, but also to re-connect us with nature to refresh body and soul.

Establishing or designing a home that is built with nature in mind, allows you to experience the beauty and health benefits on your doorstep.

In order to bring together building and nature, it is essential to look at how you can achieve this through the design of your home or architecture.

Architects and Architectural Designers have a major role to play in our built environment, but this also requires more input from your side. It is essential to keep in mind that not all architects have sustainable, nature-inspired designs at the heart and that is why it is important that you choose to work with an architect that has the vision to connect your building project to nature - to preserve the natural topography of the building site and do so sustainably - with tomorrow in mind.

Being in touch with nature brings about improved health

Countless studies have been undertaken and the facts speak for themselves: nature restores body, mind and soul. We know this; we all feel an instant physical and emotional change during a hike in the woods or while dipping our bare feet in a cool stream. Nature lifts us up and allows us to think more clearly.

It's no secret that exposure to nature has been linked to a reduction in, amongst many, recovery time after surgery, ADHD symptoms in children, cardiovascular disease, stress, anger and fear.

Nature brings us together

Studies done over time show that people who surround themselves with nature - both at home and in the work environment - have a stronger connection of unity with neighbours. Further investigation measuring fMRI brain activity showed that the part of the brain associated with love and empathy lit up when people were shown scenes of nature.

Building with nature is the future

Global warming and climate change are incredibly important issues that we all need to be aware of and take action against. Simply by increasing exposure to nature and reconnecting with it on a daily basis, more ethical relationships with nature will be encouraged.

We need to rethink the way we design our homes to encourage innovative ways to bring nature to urban areas. At the end of the day it will be a win-win.

Adapted from article by Gillian Holl - Veld Architects



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