Window shutters for a home

When you install shutters you don't need to worry about blocking out natural light or air circulation. Adjustable shutters allow you to control the amount of light you let into your home, depending upon the time of day and location of the sun, and still have air circulating through your home during the hot summer months.


Tucked between mountain side and seaside, this Llandudno home has the best views in the Cape and the Decowood shutters are perfect to optimise the natural surroundings and views. The pearl finish on the shutters blends beautifully with the natural neutral tones of the outdoor entertainment area and the wide louvres allow in maximum light and ventilation when opened.

When completely opened, the bi-fold shutters create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow between the generous entertainment area and the swimming pool.

Shutters are perfect for every room in a home where you want to let in natural light and air circulation, and shutters will coordinate with any style of home - even if you don't live at the coast.

Paarl, part of the Western Cape’s top wine producing region, is known for its beautiful vineyards, landscape views, breathtakingly old farm houses, stylishly renovated estate homes and hot, dry summer months.

These shutters, in a timelessly cool shade of silk white, allow the estate owners to control the light and deflect the sun when it’s hot. Shutters are also effective insulators and will help keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter.


The bathroom shutters are split shutters, also known as café style shutters. This is a popular choice for bathrooms as they allow one to open the top section and enjoy the view, while protecting one’s privacy.


Shutters, with their ability to improve insulation, allow light in or deflect it as required, are ideal for integrating outdoor and indoor spaces.

In this home, Decowood shutters were installed along a sunny north-facing side of the property. Opening up onto a gorgeous pool area and garden, the shutters allow the homeowners to transform their indoor living room into a sheltered patio by simply opening their bi-fold shutters.

The integration of indoors and outdoors is seamless and because white shutters complement any colour scheme, the look of the living space could be adapted to reflect changing seasons or trends.

These gorgeous images were supplied by American Shutters and are a selection of their recent installations.