5 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Staying warm in Winter doesn’t need to be a challenge, but getting everything in place now will help you move into November/December time stress free



Across the world we’re seeing one of the hottest Summers ever recorded. It seems as though everyone is trying to take advantage of the weather, having BBQs, swimming, playing sports or just lounging in the sun with an ice cold beer. In these conditions, it's difficult to even consider how cold this Winter might be or how we’ll need to fight to stay warm.

Staying warm this Winter doesn’t need to be a challenge, but getting everything in place now will help you move into November/December time stress free. We’ve put together a list of the best 5 ways to stay warm this Winter which will hopefully help you get kitted out for the Winter freeze as early as possible.




Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to stay warm in your garden this Winter. There’s nothing better than kicking back in the tub after a long stressful day, and doing this in Winter is even more enjoyable.

Hot tubs offer a lot of great benefits. They can really help reduce your stress long term which in turn supports your mental health. We’re all working harder than ever before to provide for our families and it’s important not to disregard the impact that can have. Taking 30 minutes a day to relax in the hot tub will really help you keep it all in persepective, and you could see some real benefits after just a few days.

Hot tubs also help you with your physical stresses. The hot water and jets help relax your whole body and your muscles, relieving any strain they might be under. This is especially useful for those who play sports regularly and may have tired or fatigued muscles.

Hot tubs are more accessible than ever before. While they were once considered an accessory only for the super rich, there are now a wide range of affordable models you can find online. Inflatable hot tubs have really changed the game in this regard. Companies are now producing really reliable and durable inflatable hot tubs for a fraction of the price of fixed units, allowing you to kit out your garden for very little money.







Fire Pits

Building a fire pit in your home is another great way to stay warm this Winter. Fire pits have been around for centuries but in the last decade they’ve become the ultimate garden accessory. There are now more designs available than ever before from manufacturers across the world so you can choose whatever suits you.

Fire pits offer a source of light and heat that helps keep out the Winter cold. It’s a centerpiece for your garden which you can all gather round and you can even use them for cooking. With fire pits you can spend as little, or as much as you like, so you don’t have the break the bank to stay warm this Winter.


Heat Lamps

For a more technological solution to the cold Winters you can look to install heat lamps. These lights contain infrared heaters which will beam down warmth onto the area they’re directed at. The technology for these advances year on year and they are now very effective. Modern heating lamps will convert around 85-90% of their energy meaning you can feel them working instantly. This means within a few minutes you’ll be toasty even in sub zero temperatures.

Heat lamps aren’t overly expensive to fit but can be costly to run. The efficiencies have got better but you will still see your energy bills spike after installation. If you have a large area then this could be a problem, but heating lamps are a great solution for smaller gardens or backyards.



A more permanent solution to the Winter freeze is to have a conservatory fitted in your garden. Conservatories offer a great compromise between the outdoor and indoor worlds. You can kit them out with all the comforts of a living room, but you can still make the most of all the natural light.

Conservatories aren’t always easy to set up and can be fairly costly. You’ll likely need to get a professional in and depending on the size this could set you back a few thousand dollars. That being said, it’s a great way to stay warm this Winter and still enjoy your backyard space.







Heated Floors

Heated floors within the home are getting more popular year on year and recently we’ve seen this spread to outdoor spaces too. The technology for underfloor heating has developed over the years and there are now a couple of different options. The traditional options is where heating pipes are run under the floorboards and used to heat the space.

The more modern option is using radiant floor heating (RFH). This system works by fitting electric coils underneath the concrete or wooden floor panels and switching them on. They they heat up and distribute heat evenly across the surface.

The most common applications for outdoor heated floors is in the driveway. This helps thaw any ice and melt the snow so you can drive safely, a very useful feature in areas with very cold winters. You’ll also find underfloor heating on decking in gardens. This allows you to heat the area in your yard that you use the most, letting you stay warm and use it all year round.


Staying Warm This Winter

Winter will come around soon enough and it’s best to be prepared. Even though the outdoor conditions will change you can take precautions so that you can still enjoy your garden and stay warm until Summer rolls back around.

The suggestions on this list may not be for everyone, but will hopefully provide some suggestions to get started. Some of them are quick fixes, and others big projects and it will totally depend on your space, time and budget what you opt for. Remember, your garden shouldn’t only be enjoyed in Summer and with a few additions you can make it the perfect space to be enjoyed all year round.







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