Fencing and Gate Tips for You Home

Our home is our sanctuary and privacy, and security is of utmost importance to most people and methods of security may range from security systems, sensor lights to gates and fences.





Reasons for fences and gates

A good gate and fencing system can ensure both safety and security can be beneficial for many reasons. It can help keep unwanted traffic at bay. This can be useful if your facility is located nearby a train station or public transport access point, or a popular entertainment location.

Businesses and private facilities in these areas often have issues with parking availability as un-ticketed vehicle spaces can be limited. This may result in attendees seeking alternative free parking, limiting the use for the intended users. These measures can ensure that adequate parking is available solely for the use of those the conveniences are intended for, such as employees, visitors and permanent inhabitants.

If there is a wildlife sanctuary or natural habitat for animals within close range, this may detour these lovely creatures from entering the property and being harmed or taking up residence themselves and becoming arduous to remove or relocate. Some animals may become territorial and volatile if the elect to make an area their home and this can cause potential conflicts and dangerous situations for the human inhabitants as well as the more wild and non-human ones.

A good system of fencing and gates can provide security and safety measures for guests and inhabitants. It may discourage children from wondering onto roads or other unsafe locations and prevent child abductions.

In today’s climate, there has been an increase in violent crimes such as home invasions, car jackings and assaults, over the recent years. In 2020, news.com reported that in that previous year, the occurrence of crime increased by 5.6%, without a total of 21,805 new incidents, taking the total to 405,768. According to the Crime Statistic Agency, this is the highest increase since 2004. Making up the total, was a 4719% surge of public safety and health offences, going up from 5994 to 6121.

These are worrying matters, and with prevention being a good deterrent, security gates and fencing may make a premises harder to get into. This can assist in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of guests, home owners and occupiers, and employees.
In some cases, a fencing and gate system is a good indication of property lines and boundaries. This can establish clear and precise border lines if there are disputes with neighbouring properties. Just ensure you get the areas checked and marked by your local council to avoid un-necessary costs and debates.

It can also assist in making the premises be more aesthetically pleasing. Increasing the curb appeal of your home or business facility may increasing the prospects of property value and interest if your intentions are resale or leasing.

Problem locations where high trespass rates, such as abandoned buildings yet to be safely renovated or repaired may benefit from this. This can be useful if the probability of personal injury may occur due to safety concerns relating to the condition of the building.


Different types of Gates

There are a variety of gates on the market, aimed at satisfying most tastes and requirements. Popular ones include sliding gates and wrought iron gates.

Sliding gates, often called security gates can be designed to your personal tastes, meaning you can have a one-of-a-kind gate, or something a bit simpler and more generic. This method works by the gate being on wheels and moving in grooves to move to the left or right to open to allow access to buildings and close to prevent entry and enable securing for the occupants behind it. These gates are widely used in commercial settings such as businesses and personal use such as apartment buildings and private homes.

Private homes or pedestrian access points can be secured with quality wrought iron gates which can be quite ornate with custom forging and decorative locks.


Making your gate and fencing private

To ensure privacy, in some instances gates can come with shading and covering installed, or they may be totally enclosed to ensure the need for seclusion and safety is included by having a gate with total coverage. This might not always be the case. If you are seeking to make your space more private without breaking the bank or forking out for a new gate, the following tips may assist you.

Privacy mesh can be a great idea to ensure you can still see the outer world, bit that the outer world can’t see you.

Hedges and shrubs such as box hedges which may include Cascade Lily Pily, Japanese Box or Sweet viburnum may cover gates and fencing but often require care and can take some time to grow to meet the height requirement. They also need maintenance to stop them becoming overgrown and troublesome, and if you have a decorative fence or gate, it will be covered by these shrubs and hedges unless you continue to monitor and prune it. Be sure to pick a plant that is free from toxins, berries and other materials that may drop causing potential slip and safety hazards such as poisoning or choking.

Raised garden beds may help bring the plants to a higher level, rather than opting for trees and large shrubs. This allows for greater flexibility with foliage, rather than being restricted by the size of plants and their ability to grow tall.

Climbing plants can help, but may require the installation of lattice or other materials to assist in the growth of plants. These can be climbing roses, jasmine or another vine related product, such as Swiss Army Knife or Morning Glory. It might be mindful to avoid fruit as these are seasonal and may also attract vermin and flies and other un-wanted guests.

A good fence and gate no longer needs to be boring. With so many options on the market, you can personalise your surrounding your outer partitions as much as you can your inner comforts.


Author: Therese Vickers




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