How And Where To Store Furniture While Renovating

Look at the below options for ideas on where and how you can store your furniture during renovation.





You may have been thinking about renovating your home for a while now. However, one point that crops up during all these is where to store your current furniture during the renovation period. You can’t leave them in the same area being remodelled as they would bring inconvenience to the contractors’ movements. Furthermore, they might get damaged by accidental spray paints or hammer blows.

Even though there might be various options for furniture storage, you would want a less costly way to store them. Additionally, you might need convenient access to your furniture if the need arises while renovating. When choosing a storage option, you can consider its cost and the volume and accessibility of the furniture during this period.

Therefore, you can look at the below options for ideas on where and how you can store your furniture during renovation.


1. Use A Self-Storage Facility

One of the first options you can look at is renting a self-storage space at a secure storage facility near you. It can work best if you don’t have issues with accessibility. By nature of their work, temporary storage facilities offer safe and secure storage for your household items for the duration of your renovation. Thus, your furniture will be in the same condition when it’s time to pick them up.

A self-storage facility is ideal, especially if you don’t have extra space in your home or compound to use other storage options. You can get them in various sizes; thus, you can choose as per the number and size of your furniture. It’s essential to get a reasonable estimate of the size you need for your furniture. It will help avoid renting a space, yet you can’t utilise the whole area resulting in a waste of money.


2. Hire A Portable Storage Container

If you have a compound with enough space for a storage container, you can hire one for the duration of the renovation period. Alternatively, if you have a driveway that can fit a container, that too is an option. A portable storage container allows you to have your furniture in a separate space but is still easily accessible. The container company would normally deliver it and pick it up after you’re done with the renovation.

Like the self-storage unit, you would need to know the space estimate for your furniture to avoid getting the too big or too small container. You would also need to get a good security lock. Additionally, you may want to check with the estate management or neighbourhood association if they allow you to have a portable storage container. It prevents wasting money renting a container only to realise you aren’t allowed to have it in the neighbourhood.


3. Keep The Furniture With A Family Member Or A Friend

Checking with your close group can also help you get storage for your furniture. You can check with a family member if they have an extra space, they can spare for you. While asking for help with the storage, it’s good to keep in mind that the renovation period may take a while. Thus, ensure that both of you are on the same regarding the storage period.

It’s also vital to let them give you a timeline for when you can pick your furniture. It can be a cost-effective option given that you may only need to hire a moving company to help with transporting the furniture.




4. Keep The Furniture In The Garage Or Designate A Room In The House

If your garage doesn’t include part of the renovation, it’s an excellent place to store your furniture while remodelling your home. Alternatively, you might have a room, like a spare bedroom, cellar, or basement, that’s not frequently used. You can use it too as a storage space. The critical point is to get your furniture out of the renovation activities.

Apart from this being a convenient option, it’s the least costly and gives you easy access if you need to pick something during the renovation period.


How To Store Your Furniture While Renovating

Once you get the storage option sorted out, it’s essential to know how to store your furniture properly. One of the significant points to note when your furniture is in storage is accessibility. At one point, you may want to check or pick an item from the storage area. Thus, you need to take steps to ensure this.

First of all, ensure to label the boxes. You can do this by writing the names of the actual items in the boxes. Secondly, arrange the items and boxes such that there’s a path to the back of the storage space. This way, you have easy access. And lastly, store items you may frequently need to the front and close to the path.



While renovating, getting a storage area for your furniture is essential to prevent damage. In addition, getting them out of the way helps remove obstacles during the renovation process. The above are options you can use to ensure this.





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