How Much Do Roofing Replacement Contractors Cost In Arlington TX

In this article, we look at the average costs of roof repairs, and how much roofing contractors usually cost in Arlington.




Once your roof gets in bad shape, you have to look for roofing replacement services immediately. Not just because you need it fixed or replaced as soon as possible, but also because the longer you wait, the higher the damage and cost might be.

You do have the choice to perform the roof replacement yourself, but it’s not a very good idea. After all, you are probably not trained or experienced enough to make complicated house repairs compared to roofing contractors and builders.

The only problem is that some contractors inflate their prices if they don't have many competitors. To avoid wasting money, you need to know the average costs of roofing replacement contractors in your area before you hire one.

If you are living in Arlington, Texas, then you are in luck. This article will talk about the average costs of roof repairs, and how much roofing contractors usually cost in Arlington.


Roofing Types

The cost of roofing replacement contractors also varies according to the roof styles and type that your home needs. For your reference, here are some of the most common roofing types:

  • • Asphalt Shingles
  • • Tiles
  • • Wood Shakes
  • • Metal
  • • Slate
  • • Flat

Depending on the roof type, the cost for a replacement would be higher. For example, replacing asphalt shingles may cost $1.70 per square foot, while a metal roof may cost $8 per square foot. That's a huge difference in the cost of the material.


Labor Fees

Lastly, you have to consider fees such as labor costs and clean-up fees. Most roofing contractors in Arlington, TX has a price tag of $4 to $6 per square foot, which covers their expenses for the material as well as the labor of replacing your existing roof with new ones. In addition to these fees, roofing jobs will also require contractor fees, which adds another $800-$1,000 to the total cost.

Finding the best roof repair company in Arlington is easy since most contractors are cheaper than other states. But aside from your area of residence, you also have to consider the state of your house. More specifically, if your roof is really in bad shape, it might pose higher risks to workers, and will consequently increase the cost of labor.


Estimated Total Costs

After considering the cost of materials and labor fees, you will probably end up paying at least $6,000 to $7,500 at most. The average price would be around $6,750. If you're lucky, you can reduce the costs of roofing replacement if your previous contractor provides you with a roof warranty.

A roof warranty usually lasts for 50 years, so you're most likely going to enjoy cheaper replacement services if your house hasn't been around for long. However, not all kinds of damages could be covered by a roof warranty, so there might be a chance that you will need to call a new roofing contractor to do the job.



What to Look for When Choosing Roofing Contractors

Since you're in Arlington, TX, chances are you'll find numerous contractors available. While some offer excellent services, others are barely passable. And that's why the first thing you need to do is make sure they don't lack in these departments:

  • • Inspections
  • • Maintenance
  • • Repair
  • • Replacements


Wrapping Up

It is not recommended to neglect roof problems for too long. Aside from risking your home to bad weather conditions, the cost of repairs and replacements will be higher if the damage is left unattended for months.

Before booking the services of roofing replacement contractors in your residence in Arlington, make sure you check with your previous contractor first if you are still covered by a roofing warranty. If not, that’s the time when you can look for a roofing replacement contractor that can provide a good deal for you.




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