Ageing in Place: How a home lift can future proof your home and increase your properties value.

Improved accessibility modifications such as a home lift can help improve your home’s value and give reassurance for your retirement.




Improved accessibility modifications such as a home lift can help improve your home’s value and give reassurance for independent living in your retirement.


Home Improvements

The housing market has seen interesting changes over the past few decades, with an ever increasing ageing population the needs of homeowners and buyers is evolving. Homeowners are taking the opportunity to invest in eco-friendly designs, opening up floor plans and smart home automation.

As well as these popular mainstream upgrades, other home improvements are becoming more prevalent. Short term renovations that follow trending styles are becoming overshadowed by more practical home improvements such as home lifts, that future proof homes and allow residents to age at home, with safety and the ability to remain independent for longer.

Multi-generational housing is also a trend on the rise over recent decades. Many people take this into consideration when developing their designs and the result is homes with adaptable living spaces that meet the needs of all generations who live there. With fees for elderly care being ever more expensive due to lifespan expectancies, it makes financial sense to invest in mobility home improvements which delay or even make it unnecessary for the use of care homes.


Ageing Population

Statistics South Africa estimated that that the population of South Africa in 2020 was just under 60 million. It is also reporting that the 9% of this population is made up of people who are aged 60 and over. Demographic data shows that we have an ever increasing ageing population. In South Africa, the growth rate among the 60+ years demographic increased from 1,1% in 2002–2003 to 3,0% in 2019–2020. This level of growth in the elderly population estimates, accurately indicates that the proportion of 60+ persons has grown from 7.6% to 9.1% from 2002 to 2020. South Africa’s reasons for mortality have shifted from health issues which affect the younger population, such as communicable diseases, to old age related conditions, as people are healthier for longer and more are living in to their golden years.


Making your home accessible

Most multi-storey homes are constructed with the younger generations in mind and fail to address the needs of the elderly as ageing at home is something that has swung from being the norm to being the exception. Fortunately the trend of people staying at home in their later years is returning with many services available to aid this, as well as the rise in home improvements which help future proof homes.

Level access entry points from the street and wider doorways help to increase suitability for wheelchair users. If stairs become difficult to use, it could result in a change in habits and avoiding travel between floors. If an upstairs room is not readily accessible, such as the bedroom or bathroom, everyday tasks such as washing and toileting could soon become difficult. This can lead to compromises, like sleeping on the sofa or washing downstairs. A home improvement such as a self-supporting home lift, can be quickly installed with little disruption to the current architecture. A successfully upgraded and accessible kitchen and bathroom can also be cost effective solutions to facilitate plans to spend your retirement at home. The need to be mobile and move between floors can be a sensitive matter, as we age and become less able to move around freely. This can be resolved by installing a home lift which is both discreet and cost effective, future proofing your home for years to come. Installing a residential lift can be cheaper and more convenient than moving house and is less intrusive than a stair lift.

When considering home improvements or upgrades, the inclusion of future proofing designs alongside the more high-profile aspects is financially prudent. They will allow increased accessibility and help improve the value of your property. With the increasing ageing population, the inclusion of home mobility aspects should not be ignored.





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