Double hung windows

The classic model of double hung windows is a structure with a fixed top sash and a sliding bottom.





Most often, double hung windows are installed in private houses. The advantages of these windows over the usual hinged ones are not only the original design, but also the possibility of saving space both from the inside and from the outside of the window due to the way of opening the frame.


What is a double hung window?

The classic model of double hung windows is a structure with a fixed top sash and a sliding bottom. In some products, these elements are installed the other way around - in this case, the movable sash is at the top.

The windows double hung have two glazed sashes that slide in the frames, supported by carriages. One or both parts can move up and down, overlapping each other. In order for the flaps to move smoothly, weights or spring blocks were previously installed in them. But in many modern windows they are replaced by spiral counterweights, which are mounted in an aluminum channel. In this case, the raised sash is securely fixed and cannot accidentally fall. The mechanism does not require any effort, so it is safe to say that English windows are easy to lift.

Double hung vs single hung windows differ in their height and narrowness, they are usually divided into square sections, which can be blind, open outward or vertically. This way of opening allows you to save a maximum of internal space, which is typical for prudent Englishmen. It is interesting that the British do not install double-glazed windows, but mostly only single ones, although the average annual temperature is quite low.


The advantages of double hung windows are as follows:


● Versatile design. They look harmonious in both classic and ultra-modern buildings.

● Saving free space. Both the window sill and the space in front of the window can be used the way the owner wants it.

● Free choice of decor. Opening up and the absence of handles makes it possible to choose any sun-protection accessories, be it classic curtains, blinds, roller shutters, etc. Plus, in order not to visually conceal the area, these products can be placed as close as possible to the glazing plane.

● Effective ventilation. The upward-open position provides more efficient air exchange than the tilt-down position of our traditional windows. A strong wind is also not a threat to sliders, in which it is recommended to cover the open sash so that it does not hit the wall or be damaged by accidental slamming.

● Easy maintenance with a folding mechanism.

● Safety for children. A small child will physically not be able to open the sash of an American window by himself.


This design is good in that it does not form blind zones near the opening where furniture cannot be placed. Curtains, blinds, and even pots of flowers standing on the windowsill will not interfere with the opening of the sash. And of course, safety is a big plus. A small child cannot afford to open such a window.





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