How to install new shower head

Replacing your old shower head with a modern shower head doesn't take more than 30 minutes tops. With a few basic hand tools you can enjoy an entirely new showering experience, and probably save water while you do! You will find a variety of water-saving shower heads at your local Builders Warehouse.


Shower head and shower arm - look for water-saving options
Phillips screwdriver
Adjustable wrench or locking pliers
Plumbers tape
Clear caulk


Before you do anything - turn off the water at the mains stopcock. Turn on the tap in the shower to drain the pipes.

1. Unscrew the old shower head by turning counter-clockwise).

2. Use an adjustable wrench of locking pliers to carefully unscrew the shower arm from the wall. This part of the task is probably what takes the most amount of time, since the arm is probably tight or stuck and will need some effort to get it free.

3. Wrapping in a clock-wise direction, thread both end of the new shower arm with plumbers tape. This ensures a tight fit on the pipes and prevents leaks.

Now all you have to do is reverse the order to add a new shower arm and shower head. Turn on the water supply and test your new shower head.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't overtighten the fittings. Apply only enough pressure to ensure a tight fit and then stop.