A Paved Driveway Offers Good Looks And Easy Maintenance

Anyone looking to renovate or add a driveway should consider the benefits of a paved driveway.




Over the past couple of months, I have watched the municipal water authority dig up and destroy numerous driveways in an effort to update old water pipes in the area. While I applaud this action, I can't help but feel sorry for those homeowners who now have to fork out the cost to re-do their driveway.

Some of the driveways destroyed are irreparable and will need to be ripped up and replaced, others such as paved driveways only need a professional to come out and fix up, or a handy DIY enthusiast to get stuck in and do it himself. That led me to thinking about how a paved driveway offers many benefits.

An essential part of the curb appear of any home, your driveway should reflect a good appearance for a property. Many homeowners consider having a concrete driveway put down, but a paved driveway should also be a serious consideration in view of the fact that when compared to concrete or asphalt driveways, paved driveways have a longer lifespan and are easy to fix in the event of damage.


If you are looking for visual appeal and durability, having a driveway paved offers goods looks and easy maintenance.









In this article, we take a look at just a few of the benefits of installing a paved driveway:


Durable and long-lasting

A paved driveway is not only an aesthetically-pleasing option for a driveway, they are far more durable than other standard driveway options. A properly compacted base and professional installed pavers ensure that a driveway won't move under vehicle pressure due to daily use, and once installed.

Concrete pavers are usually manufactured using a concrete mix that contains cement, gravel, sand, and colouring pigments. Set in moulds, the wet mix is vibrated and compressed made to withstand a minimum of 8,000 pounds of pressure in every square inch - as compared to 3,000 pounds of pressure in every square inch with poured concrete.

While a do it yourself option is possible, hiring a supplier for professional installation means that the installed driveway is usually covered by a guarantee to cover against faulty workmanship. A professional installer also knows the best techniques in designing a driveway with pavers which is what you want in a driveway that should last for many years.











Adds Curb Appeal To A Home

Look at a home that has a concrete or asphalt driveway installation and then take a look at ones with a paved driveway. You will immediately notice that a driveway can enhance curb appeal when installed and arranged in decorative patterns. Another benefit of a paved driveway over asphalt or concrete is that it is easy to maintain in the event of damage. Concrete is known for cracking and chipping along the edges, while asphalt suffers from our extreme heat and can sink. A paved driveway, on the other hand, allows for easy DIY repairs to be undertaken when necessary. The owner of Precision Landscaping highlights, "A paved driveway not only enhances curb appeal with its decorative patterns but also offers easy maintenance compared to concrete or asphalt. For homeowners considering heated driveway Toronto options, paving provides durability and repair ease."




Stain-Free Finish

Once installed and properly sealer, you can easily clean up stains due to spills, oil leaks, or rubber. Washing down with a degreaser and high-pressure spray is all that is needed to maintain a paver driveway and to remove marks, dirt, and stains.


Use a high-pressure washer and degreaser to clean a paved concrete driveway and remove stains.




Easy Maintenance

With a paved driveway, you have the ability to undertake repairs easily and quickly simply by removing paver bricks that have been cracked or damaged. Any sunken areas can be rectified by removing pavers and packing sand to fill up. With asphalt or concrete driveways it is difficult to undertaken repairs without these being highly visible after repairs.




On a paved driveway, paver brick replacement can be done the same day because it doesn't require a large amount of labour or complicated tools.







Available In Assorted Colours and Designs

With the range of colours and shapes available, you can choose the best ones that perfectly compliment the exterior design of a home as well as enhancing overall landscape design. Paved driveways are a great addition to any home style, whether you have a classic (traditional) or modern home.




Easy to Install

It only takes a few days for a professional contractor to complete the installation of a paved driveway, reducing inconvenience if you hire a trusted and reputable contractor. Be sure to have a number of contractors come out on site to offer quotations before signing on the dotted line.




The Bottom Line

Every paved driveway is aesthetically designed based on the style of a home and personal preference. Do away with old-style concrete driveways and say hello to a new paved driveway. The aesthetics, durability, easy installation, and overall functionality of a paved driveway make them stand out from other driveway options.







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