4 Extension Ideas For Period Homes

If you're hunting out for some brilliant extension ideas, review the following suggestions below:





Contrary to modern apartments and urbanized home designs, period homes were typically built during the earlier years when land areas were available in large swaths. People could easily acquire huge land areas at affordable prices in such times. If you're lucky to own this classic and rustic home in the heart of the city, you can enjoy living in a good location with a beautiful and aged building.

Homes are tangible assets that need to be well-maintained to continue living in them comfortably. The exact requirement applies to your period home. And often cases, homeowners want to modify or add features to elevate their period home even more. In such a case, adding an extension feature for your aged home is a great idea.

If you're hunting out for some brilliant extension ideas, review the following suggestions below:


1. Glass Sunroom

Light plays a critical role in extension design, and having a sunroom can create a significant impact. There are many benefits of adding a sunroom to your house.

For one, it's an effective place to access sunlight which is crucial if your period home is dimly lit. It's also a place where you can enjoy the outdoor views without completely being exposed to the elements like changing weather, insects, debris, soil, and so on. Sunrooms are typically made of architectural glass, and many kinds of sunroom designs can match your period home aesthetics seamlessly.

When adding an extension to your home, it’s crucial to brightening the space first and foremost. Nothing beats the natural illumination that gets invited through a room made of glass. This is also considered a conservatory since your family and guests can relax indoors while appreciating the sceneries and views outside.

If your period home is located in the suburb or countryside, you'll love viewing the sceneries even more. The sunroom uses other materials aside from glass. One of its crucial components is the frames that’ll accommodate the glasses. Fortunately, many materials are available, like steel, wood, aluminium, and vinyl.

If you plan on using the room, it's best to bring in more elements and additions to make it even more liveable. Furnish it with the best sunroom furniture like couches, sofas, and tables, and decorate them with frames, indoor plants, and other art pieces. The key is to run your imagination free and make an integrated design that will make it match the overall period home vibe.


2. Integrating The Indoor With The Outdoors Extension

When planning an extension for your house, it is essential to consider combining indoor and outdoor living. This is a recent trend that most homeowners have been looking to apply in their existing homes. The same design style will look great on your period home too. To create an extension, you should find the right area in your current home where the outdoors can easily be accessed from.

You can build a rear extension connecting to your yard or garden. Measure enough land space to accommodate some doors and windows that allow you to enter the garden. This is a great home extension for your kids and family to cool off when it's too hot to go outside in the yard during summer.

It can also be a great and warm place to entertain guests and loved ones during winter. Hence, you may consider extending your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system into this home extension. This home extension that connects indoors to outdoors can be made with the same materials used in your house. Yet the key here is the perfect positioning and adding more comfortable features to make the extension a wonderful place to kill time and chill.



3. Add A Contrasting Contemporary Designed Extension

One effective extension design is creating a contrasting style to mix and match modern and traditional home designs. You can think of crafting a modern home extension to your otherwise traditional home.

You can contact an architect to prepare a modern home extension that features a minimalist design and uses modern materials instead of the usual stone, concrete, and other old construction materials used in your period home.

This modern home extension can be used as an entertainment centre, a comfortable living room, a library, or a dining area. Your guests will be in for some surprise as they see the contrasting designs in your residence. As they enter your period home, they won't be expecting to see that there are indeed modern additions present. Finally, furnish the extended area with everything modern. From decors and furniture to appliances and lighting, stick to the contemporary theme to emphasize the contrast.


4. Outdoor Open Dining Area

If your period home is located in a beautiful neighbourhood with visible landscapes from the outside, it's a good idea to extend your home by adding an open dining area.

You can install and have the roofs extended and have some sliding doors and windows installed as your open dining area. Although it's technically a home extension, it can mimic the design of a patio, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors once you open all windows and doors. This is the best place to spend some new memories with your family during dinner.



The exterior of a period home doesn't always have to be dark and old-fashioned. There are many enjoyable ways to add modern and unconventional home extensions that won't ruin your period home style. Hopefully, you've garnered some fresh ideas as listed above, and choose the one that's most suitable for your current period home design and vibe.





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