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Ways to Make a Concrete Slab Patio Look Great

An easy and inexpensive solution for a patio or entertainment area, there are plenty of ways to make a concrete slab look great.






Putting down a concrete slab in the garden for a patio or entertainment area is an easy DIY solution that is a reasonably inexpensive solution when compared to other flooring options. Using supplies readily available from any Builders store, a concrete slab can be completed over a couple of weekends before it is ready for use. The only negative aspect of a concrete slab is that it can look bland and boring. But below are just a few ways to dress up a concrete slab to make it more attractive as an outdoor feature in the garden.









When compared to other flooring solutions for a patio or entertainment area, concrete has the advantage. Gravel can be messy and require ongoing maintenance, concrete slabs or pavers are fairly expensive, tiles are probably way out of your budget range, and any other options cannot beat the low-maintenance and easy DIY that laying a concrete slab offers. It is easy to clean and requires zero maintenance when laid properly. Below are some ideas for a concrete patio that will lift your garden and provide the perfect flooring to set up your patio or outdoor entertainment area.





Not all garden landscapes can accommodate a grassed lawn and makes far more sense to lay a concrete patio. A modern or contemporary home lends itself to the clean lines of a concrete patio with space enough to entertain. With a few necessary expansion joints, a slab of concrete, small or large, blends into the surrounding landscape.





As an extension of the living spaces in a home, concrete gives you the freedom to design around it to blend in with the design of a home or your ideas for the outdoor living space. Rather than just have a plain concrete slab, incorporate other natural materials that bring warmth and texture for a welcoming area where you and your family can spend time and enjoy the outdoor environment.









Lay Smaller Slabs for Interest




Break up a solid concrete slab by laying more than a single slab. You can easily lay several concrete slabs with gaps in between that can be filled with gravel, pebbles, or low-growing grasses. Hard landscaping materials such as gravel and pebbles will enhance a minimalist feel while grasses will soften the look.





Incorporate Patterns and Pigments


Nowadays, concrete does not have to be grey and plain and there are plenty of installation companies that will lay a slab that can be stamped with a pattern or treated with earth-toned pigments that blend in with the surroundings.





DIY or hire a reputable contractor and discover that all types of patterns can be created in concrete. Stamping involves the use of ready-made stamping designs and bagging (going over semi-dry cement) gives a faux stone look.









Decorate a Concrete Slab with Rugs





A carefully selected outdoor rug can make all the difference to how a concrete patio or entertainment area looks and feel and is an excellent way to tie the indoor and outdoor areas together. Selecting a rug or flooring to cover a hard concrete slab most definitely warms up the space and adds comfort. 





Under a covered patio, you can select an indoor carpet that is washable for positioning outdoors. If the patio or entertainment is not covered, it is far better to purchase a rug suitable for outdoors, as it will last longer and not fade.






Change the Shape of a Concrete Slab





A concrete slab does not have to be square or rectangular; concrete is a flexible material that can be formed into many shapes and curved lines bring something new to a garden. It is easy to make a 'form' of any shape for casting concrete which allows you to experiment with a design that both looks good and provides an interesting feature in a garden. 





Stencilled Concrete Ideas





Stencils and paint have become the best way to decorate a plain concrete slab. You have the option to make your own stencil design, purchase from limited supply locally, or go online and have a stencil design shipped to your door. Only use a paint that is suitable for outdoors when painting the stencil design onto a concrete slab.







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