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Zig zag garden path

Make this eye-catching zig-zag garden path in a weekend and dress up a walkway or side garden


You can get these small concrete pavers at your local Builders Warehouse, as well as all the supplies you need for this project. Or pop into your local garden centre and see what they have in stock while you buy some mondo grass for planting up.


20 30 x 30cm paver stones
20 bags of sand
2 bags of topsoil
Mondo grass
Timber or steel stakes
Rubber mallet
Measuring tape






Mark out the area to be paved so that you can work out exact quantities required for the project. Our path will be For our purposes we will be creating a path that is 3 metres long and 120cm wide. Once you have determined the length and width of the path, multiply the length by the width to work out the total area.

Start preparing the area to be paved by clearing away any grass and soil to a depth of about 10cm. Use a rubber mallet to hammer in wood - or steel - stakes and then wrap string around to mark out the area.

Fill in the path with sand to a depth of about base at a depth of about 6cm. You want to allow enough space for the pavers to sit at the same height of the surrounding grass. Use a tamper to level and compress the sand base.

Follow the staked line and use a tape measure to lay the paver stones, double checking distances as you go. Now you can start adding soil in the alternating spaces and plant up your ground cover.