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What to Avoid When Designing an Outdoor Patio

Here’s a few basic tips and tricks for you to keep in mind as you design an outdoor patio.




Designing your home from the inside is a fairly straightforward process. However, when you factor in that people need to design the outside as well, it tends to get a little more complicated than that. The reason for this is simple - the outside is more complex. It has more variables and things which need to be considered.

A design like this can be a challenge because there are a lot of common errors that people tend to make. What we thought we would do is highlight some of the basic mistakes that people make all the time, so you’ve got a better idea of what not to do. Pair this with a trip to for some outdoor decor ideas, and you’ve got yourself a winning strategy.


Incorrect Usage of Colour

When it comes to how you use colour, you’ll get it wrong if you’re not careful. There’s a lot of ways that colour can be an effective tool for any situation, but also a lot of ways in which it can be misapplied.

Generally speaking, you’ll find that the outdoor furniture world is one which employs a large quantity of colours that are neutral, such as tan, beige, gray or earth tones.

These types of neutral colours create a very mellow vibe which is good for blending into the background. Bright colours can be a massive help provided that they match. You can head to for a better understanding of ideas about colour.

Here’s a few basic tips and tricks for you to keep in mind as you design any kind of space.

  • The primary colours for outdoor furniture and options are yellow, red and blue. One of these should be the dominant colour that you use, with the others being more subtle applications.
  • Earthy colours can include brown, grey and shades of tan. These types of offerings should be paired with something like orange, royal blue, or even pottery to brighten them up.


Staying Away From Plants

When it comes to designing an outdoor space, a lot of people make the same kind of trap very frequently. They go in for their dining tables, a chair, maybe even a seating set. It all looks fantastic and definitely belongs, but something will be missing and it can be hard to identify what that something is.

What you’re looking for in this situation is plants. Whether it’s potted plants, a dish garden, patio trees or a fresh bouquet, you need some plant life. It helps massively when it comes to adding a bit of natural colour and beauty to the proceedings.

Plants are a good way to take an existing outdoor space and make them look even better. These types of options can be good for plant life that wants to look sweet, cosy and highly appealing. For example, a plumeria is a good option if you want something that smells nice at night.

If you’re going to have a lot of outdoor plants, then you can also expect to have a spade which is pretty well-lit and highly appealing.



When it comes to overcrowding, a lot of people make the same mistakes all the time. When you’re going to have an outdoor space which has a proper design ethos, then everything will have a place and everything will be designed to maximise the space that’s on offer. When this includes a mixture of entertainment options, dining and relaxing, you’ve got a full and vibrant set of options.

In this instance, picking furniture which is multi-functional and attractive will be the best possible choice you can make. When you want to get the best possible options, go in for the sparingly used accessories, as this tends to help a lot more. Smaller objects should be placed in front of larger ones for the right look.

This kind of overall effect can be tough to get right but at the end of the day, you’ll want to make sure that you avoid overcrowding. It’s not at all easy, but it does take time to get right. Try to shy away from putting too much down in one place, because this can backfire on you in a big way.


Final Thoughts

Outdoor decoration is a tough one to get right on a lot of occasions. It’s one of those things that you need to be careful of if you’re going to get right. Taking too long to decorate will result in a loss of cohesion, but be wary of over-saturation with colour and massive issues with overcrowding. When in doubt, go for the minimalist and the relaxed - tasteful decor pieces which perform a function and look good all at once. There’s something to be said for a stark simplicity.





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