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Reclaimed timber and wood pallet paths and walkways

We have looked at ideas and using reclaimed timber and wood pallet for furniture and other indoor projects, but what about using reclaimed materials for garden paths and walkways. Here are some ideas for using reclaimed materials in the garden.

Reclaimed timber pallets are used for so many DIY projects, but this is the first time I have come across using wood pallets to create a small garden path or walkway. The path uses the thicker planks that form the support for the pallet and you will need to use a hammer and pliers to remove old nails.





Another idea for creating an interesting pathway is to use reclaimed timber sleepers. Cut these down to size  and arrange in a woven design, filling in any gaps with small pebbles.

Create a winding path through the garden by arranging reclaimed wood from pallets into an interesting walkway.

I found some amazing ideas Pinterest for garden path ideas. Some, like the decking path above, might require a bit more work than others, but all the ideas are do-able if you are prepared to put in the time and effort and look around for affordable solutions, or ways to recycle what you have.

An assortment of slabs, pebbles and rocks come together to create an interesting path that leads from one section of the garden to another. Take a walk through a local building site and you will be surprised at what you an pick up and put to use.

There are many ways to use paint if you want to add colour and interest to a garden. I love the idea of using fabric, particularly lace fabrics, and spray paint to add a design to plain concrete slabs.

Slate tile, slasto or crazy pave - the trend for using this in the garden comes and goes but I still think it's a nice way to add a feature path in any garden. Buying new slate tiles or slasto works out expensive, so keep an eye out for leftovers, broken tiles or pop into a salvage yard to see what you can find.

A hodge-podge collection of salvaged concrete pavers are combined with pebbles and river rocks to create a mosaic-like garden path.

If you like to take country rambles or regularly pop down to the coast for your annual holidays, putting together a collection of pebbles and river rocks is an affordable way to make your own wonderful path creations.

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