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Plant a pathway

Not all paths and walkways have to be straight and narrow. A meandering pathway or a combination of pavers and plants can soften and otherwise hard gardenscape.


Here are some tips for rolling out a green carpet combining stepping-stones and plants:

1. Think about how people may react to a walkway with plant cover (they may be hesitant to step on the path). Allow sufficient pavers for a clear path.

2. While plants between pavers do suppress weeds and prevent erosion, remember that they must continually be trimmed or they will swallow the path. Also choose plants for a particular area. A walkway that receives very little sun should be planted with shade-loving plants and vice-versa.





3. If possible, start your plants from seed to give plants plenty of time to settle into position. Otherwise, use the smallest plants available. Spring is the best time to plant in most gardening zones. Pliable plants are best for walkways. Most plants give when you step on them, but those that are pliable will spring back. Speak to your nursery or garden centre about the best options.

4. Proper preparation will ensure the success of your planting. When planting between pavers, break up the soil first. Sandy base soil is best, and a 50mm-wide space is the minimum for most plants to survive.

5. Select the right paver shape for your garden style. For example, organic shapes suit a cottage style and geometric shapes lined up in a row look contemporary.

6. Creeping plants can do so much to soften hard landscaping and stairways. If you're planting on stairs, remember to trim the plants regularly to prevent people from tripping.

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