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Make A Walkway Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Whether it's to get from one area of the garden to another or just as a decorative feature, this reclaimed pallet walkway is a quick project that won't cost you much.




I have seen plenty of projects that use reclaimed pallet wood, some of them where you can make furniture for indoors or outdoors and some that you can just use scrap pieces of pallet wood for decorative accessories. I have also seen quite a few projects where you can use reclaimed pallet wood to make a path or walkway for the garden, but the one I have featured here is probably one of the best I have seen and the video below provides plenty of detail if you want to make your own reclaimed pallet wood path or walkway for the garden.



Source reclaimed pallets locally - for little or as low cost as possible - to make your garden path project an inexpensive one.




Several reclaimed pallets

Soil for bedding planks

Builders 150 x 5.6mm steel nails or plastic landscape stakes

OPTIONAL: Landscaping fabric will prevent weeds from sprouting between the path planks



Reciprocating or AP saw

Circular saw



Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Safety gear








In the video below they don't mention placing landscape fabric on the ground before installing the pallet planks. I think this would be a good option as it would reduce the number of weeds popping up between the planks and cut down on maintenance.

I would also put down a cement/sand/stone mix before laying the planks for the path. If you sprinkle this over the soil, lightly spray with water and leave overnight, the wooden path would stay firm for a lot longer than just with the nails/stakes.

Watch the video below for detailed step-by-step instructions for laying a reclaimed pallet wood garden path or walkway.





Getting from A to B in a garden usually requires some form of path or walkway. You have a choice of materials for making a path or walkway, from a poured concrete path to concrete pavers to reclaimed bricks. Now there's another option for you to consider, one that would cost far less than the other if you manage to find a source for reclaimed pine pallets.

Using reclaimed pallet wood to make a garden path or walkway would cost you far less than concrete or brick and you get to lay your own design wherever you want to. The only thing to keep in mind if you want a long-lasting walkway is to treat the timber on a regular basis so that it doesn't rot. Even if you have to replace a few planks now and again, a reclaimed pallet wood path is still the cheapest option you can go with.







A wood path that leads from one section of a garden to another becomes an interesting feature.


Your reclaimed pallet wood walkway doesn't have to be straight and narrow (see below), you can experiment with different methods and decide on the one that looks best in your garden.







Short or long, design a garden path that adds interest to your outdoor space.


When you need to navigate from one level of the garden to another, a reclaimed pallet wood path makes it an interesting journey.








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